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Assembly of Centrifugal Pumps


1.  Product Description: Pumps are used to deliver water, particularly when the water has to be lifted from a lower level to a higher level, where energy is needed for shifting the water.  The energy is obtained from a motor which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.  They are two types of pumps –the centrifugal type is the most versatile and broadly used in agriculture and industry.  This type of pump is compact, easy to maintain and low in energy consumption.


2.  Rationale: During the last few years, many farmers in the Amhara Region have started using small irrigation a scheme to grow fruits and vegetables; and the number is increasing.  Some farmers are using these pumps for their small scale irrigation schemes.  This can be witnessed along the Bahir Dar- Woreta main road, and along the Finote Selam- Dangla main road.  In these localities, it is possible to observe the use of pumps by farmers.  As the benefit of irrigation farming is recognized by more and more farmers throughout the Region, there will be more demand for pumps.  The assembly of pumps is the first step towards manufacturing of the pumps.  The Amhara Region should promote and support the establishment of a pump assembly plant to facilitate the development of irrigated agriculture.

3.  Market Potential: Annual of import of all types of pumps is around 80,000 units of which 60000 units is estimated centrifugal pumps.  Share of the Amhara Region is about 20000 units.  This will increase as more and more farmers turn to small scale irrigation activities to increase their income.  The current level of use of pumps and the expected increase of this use will justify the establishment of a viable pump assembly plant in the Amhara Region.  Assembled pumps can also be exported to other parts of the country.

4.  Source of Raw Material: Parts and components of pumps are the “for this project.  This parts and components will be imported from a foreign firm which is reputable in the manufacture of pumps.

5. Production process & Technology:  The manufacturing of pumps involves the following steps design and drawing, casting, machining and assembly.  In the case of an assembly operation, the steps to be followed are arrangement of parts and components according to sequence of assembly, and assembling parts and components.  Testing is done at the final stage.  Machining of some parts and components could also be made.  As far as plant and machinery is concerned, an assembly plant does not require much.  The most important machines could be grinder, assembly benches, bench drilling machines, various types of hand tools.

6.  Estimated Investment: Building 200 m2 Birr at 1500/m2= Birr 300,000; plant and machinery- Birr 150,000, working capital (Parts and components for 3 months) Birr 270,000= Birr 720,000.


7. Benefits: Introduction of new skills and technology to the Region, support to the agricultural sector, expansion of irrigation farms,


8.  Location: Combolcha.