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Boilers Manufacturing Plant


  1. Product Description: An industrial boiler is a stationery water tube boiler in which steam is generated in a connective tube tanks. A  steam boiler is a closed pressure vessel of robust construction, partly filled with water in which water is heated to be converted into steam by direct application of heat resulting from combustion of solid, liquid or gaseous fuels or waste gases or heat generated by electricity, etc. the major parts of a steam boiler are a vertical model three-pass coil type unit, economizer, spirally wound coil shaped pipe which acts as a heat exchanger, and a burner with pressure atomizing type and self-ignition. Steam boilers are widely used in factories, hotels, hospitals, etc.


  1. Market Potential: All the boiler requirements of the country and met through imports. Between 1985 and 1994, annual average of import of boilers was 36 units. The import volume of boilers depends on the number of factories hotels, hospitals established and which use boilers. During the last 10 years many factories have been established in many parts of the country. Many of these factories use boilers. According to a study on the subject, projected demand for boilers in 2010 will be 189 nits. This level of demand could justify the establishment of a boiler manufacturing plant. This plant could be established in the Amhara Region for distributing its products to all parts of the country.


  1. Source of Raw Materials: The main components for manufacturing boilers are metal sheets, tubes and pipes, pumps, motors, and various, types of parts. Practically all the components and parts will import.


  1. Process and Technology: For a plant that will produce about 50 boilers of 3 different capacities per year, the estimated investment will be:-
    • Building 600 m2 at Birr 2000/m2                    1,000,000
    • Machinery                                                         700,,000
    • Working Capital                                   800,000


  1. Benefits: Saves foreign exchange, promotes self sufficiency in basic industrial machinery and equipment, brings in financial resources, and introduces new skill and technology.


  1. Location: Bahir Dar, Combolcha, Debre Birhan.