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Citrus Juice Extractor Making Plant


1. Product Description: Electric juice extractor is a high speed motor driven home appliance used for extracting juice from citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, etc. It consists of a high speed motor which drives the needled cutter disc which on revolving crushes the contents fed using sharp needles. The Extractor can be made in two models – ½ liter and 1 liter capacity. The appliance is widely used in urban areas in homes, coffee-shops, hotels, restaurants, pastries, etc.


  1. Potential market: Juice extractors are mainly used by urban families usually with relatively high income. If we assume that at least 10 percent of the urban families use juice extractor, potential demand for the home appliance will be in the region of 243,000 units. If we add another 20 percent for commercial use, the total demand for the product will reach to about 292,000. This volume is more than the minimum production capacity of a small plant which produces the electrical sad jet.


  1. Source of Raw material: Main inputs for producing the extractor include plastic granules, electric motors, plastic parts and other items such switches, indicators, etc. all of these will be imported.


3.      Process and Technology: The manufacturing process includes the following operations: moulding of plastic parts as per designs, purchasing electric motors and other parts, assembling the various components and finally testing and packing. Major machinery and equipment include injection moulding machine, cooling system equipment, scrap grinder, mould and dies, hand grinder, bench grinder, drilling machine and testing equipment.


4.      Estimated Investment: For a plant which will fabricate/assemble about 30,000 units of juice extractor, the investment cost will be:


§         Buildings/shades 250 m2 Br 2000/m2            Birr     500,000

§         Plant and Machinery …………….………..  Birr   1,200,000

§         Working capital ……….. ………………....  Birr      600,000

Total ……….. …..    Birr     2,300,000


  1. Benefits :  Mostly Similar with other project ideas


  1. Location:  Combolcha,10.17 Espresso Coffee Maker Machine Making Plant