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Fabrication and Assembly of Grain Mills


1. Product Description:  Grain mill have become one of the most common modern economic activities in the rural areas of the Amhara Region.  There are at least two grain mills in every rural administrative unit.  Grain mills have become so instrumental in freeing women from the drudgery of manually grinding grains for the family consumption.


2. Rationale: Grain mills like any other mechanical equipments are made from a number of major components such engine, the two grinding stones and the metal part which holds the grain while it is being fed to the revolving grinding stones.  In the Amhara Region all these three major parts are imported, two (engine and the stones) from abroad and the funnel- shaped “storage” from Addis Ababa.  The funnel shaped “storage” part of a grain mill is made from any steel sheet.  This component can be made in any workshop anywhere.  There is no reason why this component cannot be made in Bahir Dar, Combolcha or any major urban center in the Region.  The grinding stones can be produced in the Region with the participation of a foreign partner.  Other parts of the grain mill such as the metal cover of the engine and some spares of the engine can be fabricated in the Region.  In the long-run, it will be possible to fabricate most parts of the mill and assemble the engine in the Region.


3. Market Potential: Currently there are our 3000 grain mills in the Amhara Region.  These grain mills will require replacements of their components.  Besides, other grain mills will be installed in many parts of the Region-some replacing old grain mills and others to create additional milling capacity.  The plant to be established will be a general purpose engineering workshop to be specialized in fabricating components of grain mills.  The number of existing mills and new mills will creates sufficient market for full operation of the plant.


Estimation of Current Demand for Mills



No. Mills Required













Source: Data on Population ANRS Opportunity Studies – Demography Trends

4. Source of Raw Material: Metal sheets to be imported,


5. Production Process & Technology: In an engineering workshop which assembles and fabricates a machine, the parts and components are put in proper places in other of their assembly sequence.  In another section of the plant, fabrication of metal sheet takes place.  Assembling of the parts and component is done and finally the assembled machine is spray painted.

  1. Estimated Investment:

§         Building with 200 m2  at Birr 1000/m2  = Birr 200,000,

§          Plant and  machinery                                     = Birr 500,000

                                   Total                                       700,000          


7. Benefits: saves resources of the Region, introduces and/or expands new skills and technology, enhances self-sufficiency plus the other common benefits.


8. Location: Combolcha and Bahir Dar.