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Fabrication & Assembly of Welding Machines


1. Product Description: Welding is the most common and most essential operation in any workshop, engineering and metal fabrication factory, big construction projects, etc.  By its very nature, welding is accomplished using automatic electric powered machine.  Welding machines come in many forms and sizes.  Some are small and portables others are big ones used for industrial welding.


2. Rationale: Welding machines are crucial to the operations of many metal based industries.  Every year thousands of units are imported to the country.  Though the machines are crucial, no attempt has ever been made to assemble let alone manufacture them in the country.  On the other hand, these are machines that could be assembled/ manufactured using our current level of technical know- how and technology.  Welding machines, pumps, small electrical and diesel motors, small concrete mixers and the like are products where we could start the machine building industry.  This was how other had started and moved to more sophisticated machinery and equipment producing industries.


3. Market Potential: During the last five years import of welding machines was about 89500 units.  The machines were of different capacities and sizes.  As the economic and social development of the country expands, the import of welding machines will increase.  A small manufacturing unit which will produce form 600 to 750 units per year will have sufficient market in the country.


4. Source of Raw Material: The main “raw” materials are steel sheet, steel profiles, transformers, strip, round-wires and streamlined wires, insulating materials, etc.  These “raw” materials will be imported.


5. Production Process & Technology: A series of activities are involved in the manufacture of welding machines.  The main ones include, cutting of metal sheets; winding coil; turning, milling, drilling & grinding; metal working & welding; mechanical and electrical assembly, etc.  Main machinery and equipment include lathe, milling, grinding, drilling, winding machines, plastic injection machines and various types of shears and cutting devices.


6. Estimated Investment: Birr 10 million for plant and machinery and Birr 2 million for buildings whose size will be about 200m2.  Total Investment will be about Birr 12 million.


7. Benefits:  saving of foreign exchange, acquiring new skills and know- how, resource flow to the Region.


8. Location: Debre Birhan, Combolcha, Bahir Dar.