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Manufacture of Bench Grinders


1. Product Description:  Grinding is a process where abrasive wheels are made to revolve at a very high speed so that any metal brought into contact to it is ground against the revolving surface to any desired shape or depth.  A grinder is a machine used for grinding operation.  A bench grinder is a grinder which is fixed to a bench for operating.  The grinder can be moved from place to place according to need.  The use of grinders is very wide.  Grinders are used in workshops, factories, garages, etc.

2.  Rationale: Bench grinders are those machine tools which are used for a variety of purposes.  These are essential tools in the fabrication, casting and forging processes of metals.  In many cases, grinders give the final shapes to metal parts and components.  Though these important machines are simple to manufacture, no attempt has ever been made to produce these machines in the country.  Given the importance of these machines it is time their production be promoted in the Region.


3.  Market Potential:  All grinders (small and big, portable or fixed) used in the country are imported.  Imported figures on grinding machines and for that matter for many many other products are given in tons which are meaningless since weight is not a measure of unit of many industrial products.  As a result, it is difficult to determine the number of grinders being imported into the country.  However, one can safely assume that it is in the thousands.  Grinders are machinery products whose demand increases or decreases with the tempo of economic activities in a country.  Though it is not as claimed by some circles, there has been an appreciable increase in the activities of many economic sectors notably construction, transport, energy, etc.  These have positive impact on the demand for grinders.  Hence, the magnitude of existing demand is large enough to make a bench grinder making factory a viable business enterprise.


4.  Source of Raw Material: Most inputs will be imported.


5.  Process and Technology:  A bench grinder is a motor of very high speed extending its rotor shafts both ends for fixing the grinding wheels of bench grinders follow the following sequence.  Casting of body- the main body of the grinder, which works as a motor is cast in a foundry.  It has base, mono block type and ends of extending shaft.  Machining –the casting is now machined for its straightness on stand and ends.  The rotor shaft is also manufactured on a lathe machine.  Electrical-both the rotor and starter parts of the motor are made separately and assembled on the motor.  The electrical parts could be obtained from supplier.  Grinding wheels can also be bought from suppliers.  Assembling all parts of the grinder are now assembled and the final product is painted.


6. Estimated Investment:  For a plant with a production capacity of 200 units per month, estimated investment will be


n      Building/shade 300m2 at Birr 1500/m2  = Birr 450,000

n      Plant and machinery                                 = Birr 500,000

n      Working Capital                                       = Birr 600,000

   Total Birr =   1,550,000


7. Benefits:  Constitutes a part in machine building industry, saves foreign exchange and regional financial resources, supports the development and operations of other economic sectors, introduces new skills and technology to the Region.


8.  Location:  Bahir Dar or Combolcha