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Winnowers up To 5.H.P. Making Plant


1        Product Description: A winnower is a machine used for winnowing grain i.e cleaning grain from dust, husk, chaff, and other impurities. These machines save farmers from the hard work of manual winnowing in open fields with the help of the wind. Using winnowers, farmers can work comfortably in their sheds where grain stalks are kept. The machine can be hand operated or power operated.


2        Market Potential: The market potential of winnowers is too obvious to state. Of the 19.2 million people living in the Amhara Region, about 16.9 million live in rural areas. Among the rural population about 3.4 million are heads of households. We can safely assume that there are two farmers in each household which makes the number of farmers in the region 6.8 million. All these farmers use manual labor for winnowing their grain. Any body who is familiar with rural life in the Amhara Region knows that winnowing of grains is a difficult task. It consumes a lot of labour and time. Any alternative method of winnowing that saves labour and is more efficient will be preferred by farmers. If we assume that at least 5 percent of farmers will buy winnowers as they are supplied to the market, demand will be 340,000. This volume of demand can absorb the production of a number of winnower's assembly/fabrication plants.


3        Source of Raw materials: The main parts and components are sheet metal, angle iron, motor, etc. The motors will be imported and the rest will be secured from domestic sources.


4        Process and Technology:  Fabrication of sheet metal is done for the outer body. For this 18 to 20 SWG sheets are used. The stand is made of angle iron bolted on to the body. Winnowing fan is connected through a pulley and a motor. The hopper is fitted on the top through which the grains are dropped on.


All the parts are fitted together and the outer parts pointed. Main machinery and equipment required are center lathe, sheet folding machine, guillotine shearing machine, sheet roll bending machine, pillar drilling machine, arc welding set, spot welding machine, double ended pedestal grinder, hand tools, jigs and fixtures, spray painting equipment.


5        Estimated Investment: For a plant that will produce 360 winnowers per year, the investment cost will be:-

    • Building/shade 200m2 at Birr 1500/m2                  = Birr           300,000
    • Machinery ……………………………………..  = Birr          200,000
    • Working capital ……………………………..   = Birr             100,000

                                                                                                Total = Birr     600,000

6         Benefits: Similar to other projects.

7        Location: Bahir Dar, Combolcha, Debre Birhan