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Wine Production

Product Description:

Wine is an alcoholic beverage product made from grapes which grow in Mediterranean type of climate. The product is consumed by people of different age groups, income and social classes. Though at an early stage, there is a new culture developing in large urban areas where people drink wine during meal times and in the evenings. There is growing medical evidence that drinking wine moderately is good from normal blood circulation and for regular hear beat

Market Potential:

The supply of wine to the national market is composed of domestic production and imports. Some quantities of wine are also exported. Domestic production of wine is concentrated in and around Addis Ababa. The Amhara Region imports all its wine consumption from Addis Ababa and from abroad. Endowed with different types of soil and climate, the region has the potential of growing grapes from which wine is made of. The region has the potential not only to be self-sufficient in wine production for regional consumption but also for export.

Source of Raw Material:

For the first few years, grapes will be imported and then much of the grapes will be produced in local farms.

Process and Technology:

Like many other beverage products with alcohol content the main process of producing wine includes preparing the raw material by making it undergo different processes, fermentation addition of sugar and other additives, purifying or clearing the final product and bottling. There are a series of machines and tanks needed for producing wine.

Estimated Investment:

For a plan which can produce about 4,000 hectoliters of wine per year the estimated investment will be:-
§  Fixed capital                                                7 ,500,000
§  Working Capital                                     800,000
Total                                                              7,800,000

Benefits: Saves regional financial resources, promotes self-sufficiency
Location: An urban center close to localities which can grow grapes.