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Laundry Soap Making Plant


1. Product: 

Laundry soap is a cleaning product for use in household laundry for washing and cleaning cloths and other material.  It is produced by the action of caustic soda and fats, or by saponification. 

     Project Profile attached below!!!

2.  Rationale: 

The health of the population of the region depends in consistent up keeping of cleanness.  The laundering and cleaning of cloth and other textile material should be maintained to fight disease coming from dirt and insects.  Laundry soap is used mainly for cleaning cloths.  But the consumption of soap both in urban and rural area is very low in the region and the country at large.  The level of consumption is rated among the lowest in the world.  So there is high need of manufacturing of laundry soap in the region.  There is no sufficient laundry soap making plant that can satisfy the demand of the population.

3. Market

The demand of laundry soap is satisfied from domestic supply from other regions and import.  There is high existing and potential demand for soap and is increasing at rapid rate with the rise in population and improvement of income level.  A laundry soap making plant that will be established in the region will partially satisfy the huge demand of soap. 


4. Supply of Raw Material:

The input requirements of laundry soap are both from domestic and import sources. Oil and soap are available in the region. Tallow, which can be found in the region may not be sufficient and has to be imported.  Salt and caustic soda are available from local source.  The main inputs are: tallow, oil, caustic soda, salt, sodium silicate etc.

5. Production Process and Technology

a)   Production Process

Soap is   produced by the action of caustic soda on fats, or by saponification.  The production prepared here is the batch (open kettle) process which involves the following.  Heating separately, the main ingredients caustic soda and fat, continuously storing the mix until the reaction (or soaponification) is complete. Pouring of the hot mixture into blocks (metal or wooden) frames where it cools, cutting of the soap blocks into bars of required size, drying of the soap bars and wrapping. 

    b) Production Equipment

-          Fat melting vessel (or barrels)

-          Soda mixing containers

-          Boiler kittle with electric power driven strier

-          Frames or pans and moulds

-          Soap cutting plate, table and bars

-          Measuring equipment

6. Estimated Investment:

The total investment is estimated to be Birr 1.5   million. 


7. Location:

The soap making factory location has to be in major town like Bahr Dar, Gonder and Combolcha. 



Moges Ashagrie,
Apr 30, 2011, 10:14 AM