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Activated Carbon Making Plant


1. Product Description: Activated carbon is used for adoption of gases and vapors, and for purification and decolonization of several products of chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. The product is manufactured in granular and powdered forms. The powdered form is used for purification and decolorization purposes. This project idea considers the production of powdered activated carbon which can be used in the sugar, vegetable oil, alcoholic, beverages, etc. factories in our country.


2. Market Potential: The major end users of activated carbon are the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. The demand for powdered activated carbon is closely related to the need for purification and dicolorization of several industrial products. So far all the requirements of activated carbon in the country are met through imports. Between 1984 and 1993, average annual import of activated carbon who about 82 tons. However, annual imports of the product vary considerably. In 1985 import was 336 tons and in 1987 it was only 3 tons. Based on the average annual import, and expected growth rate of the manufacturing sector. (12.5), the demand for activated carbon was projected to be about 540 tons by the year 1013.


3. Source of raw material: the raw material for the production of activated carbon is charcoal. Sawdust, lignite and other carbonaceous materials can also be used as raw materials. Lignite is available in North Gonder, North Wollo and North Shewa of the Amhara Region.


1.      Process and Technology: The raw material charcoal or lignite should be crushed to the desired size and exposed to high temperature, 800-9000c. It will be allowed to cool and screened to separate extraneous materials associated with the raw material, and then the grading process, according to wize will be carried out. After the combustion process is completed, the product will be grounded to powdered carbon, and then washed to produce washed activated carbon and dried. Finally the finished Product will be packed in plastic bags. About 19 units of machinery and equipment are needed for the production of powdered activated carbon. The main ones are silos for charcoal or lignite charge, conveyors/elevators, crusher, feed hoppers with feeding system, rotary kiln for  activation, cooler for activated product, screening machine, grinding machine, acid pumps, slurry pumps, centrifuge, blenders/misers, etc.


2.      Estimated Investment: For a plant which will produce 120 tons of powdered activated carbon, the estimated investment will be:-

§    Building/shade 1500m2 at Br 1500/m2     =  Birr        2,300,000

§    Machinery …………………………….. =  Birr         5,000,000

§    Working capital ……………………….. = Birr            800,000

               Total   = Birr        8,100,000

3.      Benefits:  Similar to the other projects.


4.      Location:  Any location which is near the source of lignite.