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Coated Abrasives Making Plant


  1. Product Description: Coated abrasives are products manufactured by coating paper, cloth or vulcanized fiber sheet with such powder abrasives as aluminum oxide, silicon carbide and garnet for use in various types of grinding work. Coated abrasives are generally used in processing a wide range of products such as metal products including the stainless steel pipe, steel material and cast iron, wood, etc.


  1. Market Potential: Coated abrasives are essential products for the metal or works hop and wood working industries. For all the wood working and metal industries in the country, the required quantity of coated abrasives is met by imports. As there is no a single plant which produces coated abrasives, there is sufficient market for making a medium size plant viable. The number of the wood working and metal industries in the country clearly indicates the need of establishing a coated abrasives making plant.


  1. Source of Raw materials: Main inputs include abrasive cloth, abrasive paper, abrasive disk, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide and garnet. The first two could be obtained from domestic sources; the others will be imported.


  1. Process and Technology: For making abrasive cloth, the following operations are undertaken. Cloth processing-after treating with chemicals, the surface to be fixed with abrasives is smoothed-out with steam-heated roller. The reverse side of the cloth is also treated with reinforcing materials to supplement its strength. Following the treatment of the cloth the subsequent processes are first adhesive  coating, grain coating, drying and second adhesive coating, flexing, cutting to desired sizes and packing. The preparation of water proof paper sheets and dry paper sheets follow these stages:- printing, water processing treatment, first adhesive coating, grain coating and drying, second adhesive coating and drying, cutting and inspection. Abrasive disc making takes the following steps:- fiber cutting, first adhesive coating, grain coating, second adhesive coating and drying, flexing, inspection and packing. Main machinery and equipment needed for making abrasive cloth include mangle, back surface treating machine, adhesive coaters (rollers), grain coater, drying furnace, printing machine, winding machine, curing furnace, flexing machine, winding machine, curing furnace, flexing machine, cutting machine, slitter, skiving machine and press. Machinery required for abrasive dry and water-proof paper sheets include printer, grain coating machine, drying furnace 1,2 and 3, roller coater 1 and 2, winders and cutting machine, Machines for abrasive disc include fiber press, printer, roller coating machine, curtain coating machine, grain coating, drying furnace and flexing machine.


  1. Estimated Investment:  For a plant which can produce 6.4 million sheets of abrasive cloth, 2.4 million sheets of abrasive paper and another 2.4 million sheets of abrasive disks, the estimated investment will be:-

§  Building/shade – 3200m2 at Birr 1500/m2  =  Birr      4,800,000

§  Machinery ……………………………… =   Birr      2,000,000

§  Working  capital …………….……………= Birr        800,000

                                                                        Total           = Birr     7,600,000

  1. Benefits: Similar to the other project ideas.


  1. Location:  Combolcha, Bahir Dar