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Synthetic Detergent Powder Making Plant

  1. Product Description:  Detergents are industrial products having surface active properties like foaming, lowering of surface tension, emulsification, penetration, etc. They are capable of cleaning a surface and making it free from dirt. In many countries, synthetic detergents are increasingly being used in place of washing soap. Synthetic detergents are available in the form of liquid, cakes and powders. Soaps are manufactured from oils and fats, which are also used for other purposes; and this causes them to be in short supply or expensive. Synthetic detergents. Powders have become effective substitute for washing soap. The scarcity of edible oil which is the basic raw material for making soap has become an incentive to the growth of synthetic detergent powder. The advantage of synthetic detergent powders are that they are stable in hard water and can be formulated to suit different fabrics and varied washing conditions like hard water and different water temperatures, etc.
  1. Rationale: While there are a number of soap and detergent making factories in Addis Ababa and Oromiyia, no similar factory exists in the whole Amhara Region which contains more than 25 percent of the countries population. The Region receives it toilet and laundry soap requirement from imports. As pointed out earlier, due to shortages of edible oil and fat, producing soap is becoming very expensive. The alternative has become synthetic detergent and this can be produced anywhere by importing the basic inputs. The Amhara Region with a population of more than 19 million has a market potential which can make a synthetic detergent plant a viable venture.


  1. Market potential: With a population of 19.2 million people and where there are shortages of cleaning material (traditional and modern), there is a captive market of synthetic detergents which will replace imports from aboard and other parts of the country.


  1. Source of Raw material: Many inputs are needed to produce synthetic detergents, They include alkyl benzene, sulphonating agents such as sulphuric acid, neutralizing agents like soda ash, ammonia, detergent builders like phosphates, foam regulators like coconut, and others inputs such as sodium per borates, silicates perfumes, colors and dyes. Almost all the inputs will be imported.


  1. Process and Technology: The required chemicals and formulations are chosen depending upon the desired properties in the finished product. The main processes generally adopted for the production of detergent powder from alkyl benzene are rum drying absorption process, combined neutralization and adsorption process, spray mixer process, spray drying process. Each major process has a number of sab-processes which are too detail to describe here. Besides there are different formulation depending on the type of use the detergent is intended for list of machinery and equipment required for the manufacture of synthetic detergent powder includes ribbon binder (heavy duty mixer), trays, weighing machines, weighing balance for packing, miscellaneous items like trolleys, bags, sewing machines, sieves …. and screw conveyor.


  1. Estimated Investment:  For a plant which can produce 1200 tons of synthetic detergent per year,


   Building/shade 500m2 at Birr 1500/m2   =  Birr    850,000

   Machinery ………………………………. =  Birr    800,000

   Working capital ………………………….=  Birr     500,000

     Total         =  Birr  2,150,000


  1. Benefits: Saves foreign exchange and regional financial resources, promotes self sufficiency, contributes to the improvement of public health and hygiene, and introduces new skills and technology to the Region.
  2. Location: Combolcha, Bahir Dar or any urban center to be preferred by the investor.