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Toilet Soap Making Plant


1.  Product: Toilet soap is an indispensable household or domestic item of   daily use.  The products daily necessity appears to have grown primarily with he growing level of urbanization and raising income, with which improvement in the way of living is normally associated.


2. Rationale: The up keeping of personnel health care is a modern necessity     of living.  Each individual has to wash his faces, hands and other parts of his body very frequently.  Toilet soap is the main products to wash our body.  It has to be available in every household.  Presently soap toilets are mainly imported from Addis Ababa market.  There is no plant that makes toilet soap in the region.


  1. Market: Demand for toilet soap is enormous particularly in urban areas of the region.  Currently demand in the country is met from domestic production and imports.  Demand for the products is increasing due to growing level of urbanization, rising income increasing use of it and growing population and use by rural areas.


  1. Source of Raw Material: The main raw materials are tallow, oil, sodium hydroxide, salt, perfume, coloring, wrapping and packaging materials.


  1. Production Process and Technology:  a)  Process The process of making soap toilet involves basically:
    1. Boiling of the basic ingredients (the fats and oils akali used and salt in kettles)
    2. Drying
    3. Mixing of pigments, perfumes
    4. Extruding, bar cutting and stamping
    5. Wrapping and packing




a)      Production Equipment:- 


--   Boiling pans/kettles                                   -- Extruder

--   Steam boiler                                               -- Cutting/embossing machine

--   Chipping machine                                      -- Stamping press

--   Drying chamber                                         -- Wrapping equipment

--   Milling machine                                         -- Other) moulds, work tables etc)


  1. Estimated Investment:  The total investment out lays ranges from Birr 800,000 to Birr 1,000,000 which includes cost of building machinery and equipment and working capital.


  1. Location:  Bahir Dar, Combolcha or any other city which the investor prefers.