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Cemental Products Making Plants


1. Product:-Floor, wall and roof tiles are all essential building materials.  They are produced from cement, sand and fiber mixture, sand/aggregate is available in abundance in the region.  The roof tiles substitute import of corrugated iron sheet. 


2. Rational:-Modern dwelling which use construction materials mostly cement products is growing rapidly with the growth of urbanization. Construction material from wood have created problem of deforestation with the consequence of draught and famine. Cement product contributes to the resolution of the problem by replacing wood items.  A roof tile also substitute corrugated iron sheet imported which has supply problem when there is shortage of foreign exchange in the country.  The region has no modern and well organized cemental products manufacturing plants. 


3. Market:-The demand for cemental products grows with the demand for buildings growth of income of the population.  The durability of houses constructed by cement products, particular by cement floor and wall are durable and comfortable.  There is huge and existing and potential demand for cement products.  The supply of this products not sufficient and needs additional production facility of cement products in major towns of the region. 

4. Supply of Raw Material:-The main raw material and sand gravel cement and fiber are available locally.  The sand aggregate is found in locality of the proposed project location.  Cement is brought from Addis Ababa.  


5. Production Process and Technology (a)  Production Process Production of cement product items involves the process of fiber chopping weighing and proportioning mixing, forming, drying polishing and curing. 


b)  Production Equipment

The major machinery and equipment

-          Fiber chopping machine

-          Mixer

-          Press

-          Moulds


6. Estimated Investment:-The total investment required for cement products manufacturing can range from Birr 200,000 to Birr 350,000. 

7. Location:-Cement product manufacturing plant has to be located in towns that have abundant raw material of sand /aggregate and demand for modern houses.  The cement roof tile has to start manufacturing in major towns like Bahrdar.