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Centrifugal Reinforced Pipe Making Plant

1. Product Description: Centrifugal reinforced concrete pipe is a kind of concrete pipe which is manufactured as follows:- concrete is compacted by huge centrifugal force (30-40 times the acceleration of gravity) of a rigid reinforced steel cage rotating at high speed to form  the body of the pipe. The sizes of pipes range from 150mm inside diameter up to 3000 mm inside diameter. The standard length of the pipes vary between 2000 mm to 4000 mm. The main uses of this type of concrete are for (a) sewer system (rain, sewage, drainage), (b) waterworks (service water), industrial water conduit, (c) agricultural water works and water supply, (d) cross channel duct for freeway (e) cable duct and (f) well wall. The product can also be used as huge foundation material by employing the post-tensioned method of prestress construction.


2. Market Potential: As mentioned above, centrifugal reinforced pipes are used for a variety of purposes. Constructions of sewers, drainages, water supplies, irrigation tunnels, cable ducts culverts, etc are being undertaken in the Amhara Region. All these civil engineering construction works require reinforced concrete pipes. Up to now, such concrete pipes are transported from Addis Ababa to construction sites in the region. As each pipe takes relatively large vehicle space, only few pipes can be transported by one vehicle at a time. This makes the pipes more expensive. The best alternative is to establish a plant which can produce these pipes in the region for meeting the regional demand for such pipes. When one considers the volume of civil engineering works being undertaken and which should be undertaken, there is a very high probability that the plant will be financially viable.


3. Source of Raw material:  The main raw materials required are cement, sand, gravel, mixing material and steel reinforcement. All the raw materials will be procured from domestic sources.


4. Process and Technology: The main production stages for producing reinforced concrete pipes are (a) construction of the reinforced steel cage, (b) manufacturing of concrete (c) concrete conveying system, (d) pipe making facilities (e) steam curing, (f)  disassembling and assembling of mould frame and (g) product storage. Main machinery and equipment required include batcher plant, cement conveying equipment, and cage material conveying. Equipment, steel rod drawing machine, reinforced cage making machine, overhead crane, centrifugal force pipe making machine, mould frame assembling and disassembling equipment, boiler, compressor, pump for water supply, draining pump, and other auxiliary equipment and tools.


5. Estimated Investment: For a plant which can produce 26,250 pieces of pipes of different dimensions per year, the estimated investment will be:-

    • Building/shade 4500m2 at Birr 1500/m2         = Birr    6,750,000
    • Machinery and Equipment….…………..…   = Birr  37,100,000
    • Working capital ………………….………… = Birr      800,000

             Birr    44,650,000


  1. Benefits:  Similar to other projects.


  1. Location: Bahir dar, Combolcha.