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Cut-Stone Production Plants

1. Product Description:-  Cut stone is an important building material made from soft limestone or any other similar rock.  The original or “mother” rock is cut and shaped to produce cut stone which has a relatively smooth surface and a regular shape like rectangle, square, diamond, triangle, etc.  The use of cut stones enhances the quality, appearance and durability of buildings.  It is usually residential buildings especially villas which are constructed from cut stones.


2.  Rationale:-  In the Amhara Region stone is a major construction material especially in the rural areas.  However, the stone is used for building walls without much improvement in its irregular shape.  In the urban areas, masons use hammers to give some regular shape to the stones and this enhances the appearance of the building.  Recently, cutting and shaping of stones for constructing buildings have become popular mainly in the big urban centers.  However, the cutting and shaping of the stones are done manually which makes the final product not of high quality.  Besides, productivity is low and the price of each cut stone expensive.  There are also very few people in the Region who make cut stones.  The use of cut stone for building material will increase with the expansion of the building industry which will be caused by rising population and income.  The raw material for producing cut stone is available in almost all localities of the Region.  To produce more cut stone with improved quality and possibility to reduce the current price, the process of making cut stone has to be mechanized.  This project idea is to establish plants which will produce cut stones using machines.


  1. Market Potential:-  A big indication of the existence of a captive market for cut stones is the fact that people in the Region buy Ambo stones and transport them more than 750 km to Bahir Dar.  The main users for cut stones will be residential buildings, churches, fences of homes, some government buildings, some hotel buildings, etc.  As the construction of these buildings will expand in the future, the demand for cut stones will also expand.  If cut stones are to be supplied with comparable prices, people will prefer them to hollow blocks and bricks.


  1. Raw Material:-  The limestone or any similar rock from which cut stones are to be made is found in any locality in the Region.


  1. Process & Technology:-  The production process of cut stone involves cutting of the “raw” stone into prescribed shapes and dimension using cutting machines.  Production equipment includes stone cutters, water pumps, coolers, other tools and accessories.


  1. Estimated Investment:-  Investment for machinery, shade and working capital will be about Birr 350,000.


  1. Benefits:-  Saves cement which has a large input of foreign exchange (fuel), utilizes the resource of the Region, introduces new skills and technology, stimulates building construction, enhances the appearance and durability of buildings----.


  1. Location:-  Bahir Dar, and other major urban centers of the Regjion.