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Grinding Stone Production Plant

1.  Product:- Grinding stones are mainly used for grinding of cereal into starch and flour.  Grinding stone is made of hard tough and sharp abrasive material.  The stone are used in small scale grinding mills frequently used by the rural population. 


2. Rationale:- Traditionally rural village women use ordinary stone to grind their grain.  This method is a hard way for flour making and is tedious and hazardous to the health of the women.  Currently in the rural villages the people use small scale grinding mills to process their grain.  A small scale grinding mill serves a large number of households.  There are many grinding mills in the region bought from Addis Ababa.  However, there is no plant that produces the grinding stone.  Since many people live in the rural region the production of grinding stone and constructing small scale grinding mills is very important to the development of the rural areas of the region.


3. Market:- The demand of grinding stone is related to agricultural outputs particularly cereals production.  Presently all grinding stone are imported in the country.  There is however high demand of small scale of grinding mills by the rural population of the region.  It is very important to encourage small scale grinding mills and particularly establishes a grinding millstone-manufacturing unit in the region. 


4. Supply of Raw Material:- The main raw materials for grinding stone manufacturing are imported items and are:

-          Silicon carbide

-          Graphite

-          Ferro Silicon

-          Other material like binders. 

5. Production Process and Technology: (a) Process The production of grinding stone involves:

-          Required ingredients are prepared as per designed application and purpose of the grinding stone and are mixed with resign to prepare coated apprasive.

-          Moulded millstone are baked in oven at required temperature and allowed to cool after baking.

-          Millstone wheels are trued for outside diameter and finish. 

-          Wheels are finally tested.   


         b)  Machinery and Equipment

1.      Crusher with fitting

2.      Weighing scale

3.      Ball mills with 7.5 HP motor

4.      V through kneading mixture

5.      Vibrating screen with dust accumulator

6.      Hydraulic press

7.      Testing equipment

8.      Down draught kiln

9.      Furnace/oven

10.  Miscellaneous tools like kettle, mixing shovel.


6.  Estimated Investment :-   The total investment cost is estimated to Birr 2.85 million which includes building, machinery and equipment and working capital. 


7.  Location:- The  main plant should be located in the industrial town of Kombolcha.