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Gypsum Powder Production Plant

1.  Product:-Gypsum is a quarry material which in its various form has several and other uses.  It is widely used in construction industry (it is for instance one of the extender pigments in the paint industry), agriculture (in treating soil) and other section (for making plaster of parts) 


2. Rationale:-This important product obtains a relative advantage in its divers applicability and can enjoy a diverse (numerously & segmented) market.  The raw material quarry gypsum is widely available in the region, particularly in the Gorges of Nile River and various mountainous areas. It has not been exploited yet for use in different product manufacturing and there is no single factory that produces Gypsum powder in the region.  It is highly advantageous for the region economic development to manufacture Gypsum powder and other industries related to the product. 


3. Market:-Current demand of Gypsum powder is met from limited domestic production in other places and imports.  The need of it however, appears growing with the growth of construction and related industries.  Various building under construction in the region consume large quantity Gypsum powder in different form of products like in paints and plaster of paints for glass windows.  The quarry will develop the mining industry of the region and create employment for many people.    


4. Supply of Raw material:-The main material, found locally are:

-          Quarry gypsum (or gypsum stone)

-          Packing material (3 ply paper bags) 


5. Production Process and Technology (a) Production Process Gypsum powder production involves basically the process of preliminary crushing of gypsum ore or quarry gypsum stone, pre baking, crushing (to prescribed size) screening baking (calcening) milling and bagging.  The product obtained is semi hydrated or hydrous gypsum.


a)      Production Equipment

-          Quarry equipment

-          Crushing equipment (with all accessories)

-          Kiln

-          Mill

-          Packing machine

-          Loaders

-          Other (weigh scale, laboratory and workshop equipment tools ...etc) 


All machinery and equipment are assumed imported. 


6. Estimated Investment:-The total investment outlay is estimated to be Birr 3 million. 


7. Location:-The location of the Gypsum founder plant should be near to the quarry of gypsum preferably in Dejen town in East Gojam Zone of the Region.