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Production of Ambo Type Stones

1. Product Description: Ambo type stones are stones which have different natural colors in on slab (piece) of stones. The most well-known stones having different colors are those found near Ambo town about 130km from Addis Ababa. Because of their attractive colors, Ambo stones are used to build residential houses of high income families, high class hotels, fences of large villas in Addis Ababa and in other urban centers of the country. Ambo stones are cut from large rocks found under the surface of the ground. Reach slat of stone is chiseled and made generally in to rectangular shapes.

2. Market Potential: Because of their attractive colors, if available people will use Ambo-type stones to build their houses and even their fences. In many urban centers of the Amhara region, one finds houses and hotels guilt from Ambo stones. These stones are transported from Ambo in the Oromiya region to Dejen. Debre Markos, Bahir Dar, Dessie and to the other urban center of the region. The stones are heavy which makes them very expensive to transport. The transport cost makes the stones price of the stone to be extremely high which discover age’s people form using these stones for building their houses. At present, it is only people with high income who con afford to buy these stones.


There are many localities in the Amhara region where Ambo type stones can be found. For example there are sites near Qusquam in Gondar where these stones can be excavated. The terminal building at the Azezo airport is built from Ambo type stones. Red is the dominant color of stones found around Qusquam in Gondar. There are also sites in Checheho (along the Woreta Woldiya road about 15 km from Nefas Mewcha town) where Ambo type stones are found. Some of these stones are sold in Bahir Dar. There can be hundreds of other sites in the region where Ambo type stones can be found. It is a question of looking for these sites by asking the local population and also by traveling through parts of the region. If these stones are produced in the region, their prices will be low and the demand for the stones will increase.

3. Source of Raw Material: A potential investor will look for sources of these stones. To start with Qusquam in Gondar and Checheho near Nefas Mewcha will be initial sources of raw materials.

4. Estimated Investment: For large scale operation some heavy duty machines such as an excavator, may be needed or excavation work can done manually as it is the case in Ambo. This project idea assumes that excavation will be manual but truck will be required t transport the rocks from quarry sites to the processing location and the finished stones to markets. With this assumption, the investment cost will be:


§  Building/shade 150 x 1000/m2                                         = 150,000

§  Machinery                                                                         = 300,000

§  Working capital                                                                 = 100,000



6. Benefits: Stimulates construction of houses, hotels, restaurants, etc, utilizes the natural resource of the region, and saves financial regional financial resource.


7. Location: Localities where the stones could be found in the form of rocks.