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Production of Gemstones


1. Product Descriptions: Gemstones are special types of stones which have different and attractive colors. They are used for decorative purposes. These stones have some resemblance to diamond at least in color.


2. Market Potential: Gemstone is mostly used by women though men use them also for cuff links. There is a huge untapped market for gemstones both in the region and in other part of the country. As these stones are used for decorative purpose, their demand increases with increase in income and population. The main constraint in production of gemstones is shortage of the basic raw material i.e. the natural unprocessed gemstones.


3. Source of Raw Material: The main source of raw material for gemstones is localities in North Shewa zone.


4. Process and Technology:- Producing gemstones does not require sophisticated machineries and technology. It only requires finding the stones in the ground, cleaning, grinding cutting and polishing.


5. Estimated Investment: For a plant which can process about 3,300 units per year, the investment requirement will be

  • Fixed capital                                       1,500,000
  • Working capital                                      100,000


6. Benefits: Utilizes a natural resource of the region

7. Location: Debre Birhan