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Production of Water Filter Candle


  1. Production Description: Water filters are devices used for filtering water for the purpose of dinking or for laboratory tests. Water filter candle is an element which filter candle is an element which filters the water by detecting foreign materials and ----- from the water. There are different kinds of water filter candles. They are available in circular bar form and can be easily cleaned.


  1. Market Potential: Water filters are used in homes, hospitals, restaurants and in hotels. Recently the use of water filters by households has increased. Projected demand for water filters will reach around 30,000 units in 2010, and demand for water filters candles is expected to reach about 60,000 with the assumption that one water filter will use two water filter candles. Of the projected national demand for water filter candles, about 26 percent will be the share of the Amhara Region.


  1. Source of raw Material: The main raw materials are chin clay, starch, silver nitrate, common salt, insulation brick powder, saw dust and plastic nipples. Some of the basic inputs such as china clay, salt, starch, frick powder and saw dust will be obtained form domestic sources. 


  1. Process and Technology: The major processes are mixing moulding and saw dust and insulation fire brick are sifted and their sizes reduced to the desired level. Then the raw materials are mixed together and the candles are carted in the moulds. Then the wet candles will be dried in two stages- sun drying and firing in a kiln at 1000%c to 1100%c. The dried candles are then fixed with plastic nipples with white cement. Finally the candle surface is rubbed with sand paper to make a smooth surface machinery required include pulviriser, sieve shaker, dies, and hot plate, furnace and lab equipments.


  1. Estimated Investment: For a plant which will produce about 10,000 units per year, the investment cost will be:

§ Building/shade                     Br. 450,000

§ Machinery                                  200,000

§ Working Capital                         90,000


  1. Benefits: Improves the health standard of consumers, saves foreign exchange, and brings in financial brings in financial resources to the Region.


  1. Location: Any Location preferred by the investor.