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Electrical, Switches, Socket and Plug


1. Product:-Electrical switches sockets and plugs are made from electro plated metal and their thermosetting plastic.  They serve mainly in building construction sector for and control of electric power supply. 


2. Rationale:-Majority of building, mainly dwelling units, are electrically lighted.  The electric power supply needs switches, socket and plug for use of electricity to different purpose.  Presently there is high usage of electricity in urban houses and the spread of rural electrification has been intensified. New customers of electricity users are increasing.  It is necessary to have a plant that produces the electrical components.  The region has no single plant that produce electrical switches socket and plug and it is necessary to establish a factory that serves the potential and existing demand. 


3. Market:- Demand for electric switch, socket and plugs in the region is currently met entirely from import. Construction of electrically lighted building/dwelling office and others is rapidly increasing in all urban towns of the region.  The building require large amount of electrical components.  There is also potential demand of the non-dwelling building constructions (institutional, commercial, industrial etc).  The supply of the electrical products can service the demand and will have sufficient market in the region. 


4.  Supply of Raw Material:-The major raw materials are imported.  They are:

-         Plastics

-         Metal sheets

-         Nickel plating material

-         Zinc platting material

-         Other chemicals

-         Packing materials



5. Production Process and Technology:

(a)   Production Process The production of the Electrical products basically involves the process machining (lathing and punching of metal parts, and spring making) galvanizing, molding of plastic parts, assembling, inspection/testing and packing. 


b)   Machinery and Equipment 

The production equipment is:

- Presses                                    - Cleaning (scouring) equipment

- Trimming machine                    - Furnace

-  Sheering equipment     - Electric planting equipment

-  Milling machine                       - Injection molding machine

-  Lath (Bench)                           - Air compressor

-  Drills (Bench)                          - Other (vise, carriage storage boxes work tables

-  Grinders                                    racks and etc. 


The major machinery and equipment are imported.


6. Estimated Investment:-The total investment cost that includes building, machinery and equipment and working capital is estimated to be from Birr 2.5 million to Bir 3 million. 


7. Location:-The location of the electrical switch, sockets and plugs shall be located in major towns of Bahrdar and Kombolcha in order to get skilled workers and market.