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Computer and Photocopiers Assembly

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1.         Product Description: Computers and Photocopiers have become indispensable office equipment since the beginning of the 1990’s. This equipment has invaded the offices, the class-rooms, the libraries etc. of practically every part of the world. Today it has almost become unthinkable of an office without a computer and even a photocopier. Computers have also become part of household fixtures in many countries.  

2.         Market Potential: So far our country is one of the least computerized countries in the world. It has one of the lowest per capita ownership of computers. It is also one of the least connected to the global information super highway. But the level of computer use has increased during the last five years; and the use of this machine is increasing at an increasing rate. Every year tens of thousands of computers are either being imported or assembled here at home. But there is a long-way to go. If we assume that at least 15 percent of the families of the country should have one computer each, the total demand for the machine by households will be about 2.3 million units. And this figure will increase as more and more families want to own computers. This, added to the demand by schools, offices and other institutions will boost the aggregate demand for computers and photocopiers.

Number of Computers in Ethiopia







Computer per 1000 population












Computer Number






Source: World Bank Africa Database, 2006

The Amhara Region with about 27 percent of the population of the country may constitute at least 20-25 percent of the demand for computers by the household sector. Compared to some other regions of the country, the schools of the Region are not provided with the minimum computer requirement. When this problem is addressed properly, the school system of the Region may absorb thousands of computers. Preliminary potential demand estimates of computers by the various users of the Region put the figure at about 500,000 units. Even if we reduce this figure by 50 percent, the demand for computers in the Region will be around 250, 000 i.e 0.012 computer per inhabitant of the Region. Even this conservative demand estimate will justify computer and photocopier assembly plant in the Region.


3.         Source of Raw Material: The parts and components of the machines will be imported.


4.         Process and Technology: Process of an assembly operation is simply the fixing, joining, riveting connecting of parts and components and the final testing of the product. Technology refers to tools, instruments and implements used for the assembly work.


5.         Estimated Investment: Major investment is for building assembly halls and stores for components and finished products. For a plant that will assemble 50 computers per day, investment will be


Ÿ         Building/ shade 3000m2 at Br 2000/m2=          600,000

Ÿ         Machinery (Tools)                                  50,000

Ÿ         Working Capital                                               500,000                                                                                                1,150,000       

6.         Benefits: Promotes self-sufficiency, saves foreign exchange, saves regional financial resources


7.         Location: Bahir Dar, Combolcha


Moges Ashagrie,
May 30, 2011, 12:30 AM