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Computer training center


The computer software is divided into two groups viz. System software and Application Software. The system software is used for application development. It operates and interfaces with system software. Application software has wide scope for development than system software.
The widely used application software are word processors, spread sheets and databases. Software like spreadsheets has simplified task of budgeting financial analysis, forecasting less time consuming, efficient, accuracy, simple and easy job. The database software has revolutionsed the data management of storing, organizing and retrieving information from large source of data.

Market potential

Information processing has become one of the most significant indsutries in the world in the recent past. In view of its tremendous potentialities for information processing, data management, design, production, management and other numerous application for overall development of the economy. There is a growing need for trained manpower in this area. As such there may be a large potential for software experts in the coming years.

Production capacity

The programs being conducted by the center are advertised regularly in the local newspapers, etc. The selected candidates are guided by professional counselor for the course suitable for them depending on their background. They are also provided with the detailed program indicating content of the course, duration, course fees, etc. The course material will be given to the selected candidates. Students get normally 50% of the course time on computers. The institute will also provide additional computer time for undertaking projects. The center may also offer placement assistance to the students in various corporate sectors. Besides the training, the center can also undertake separately data
processing work.

The center can offer 4 to 12 weeks duration short term courses and long term courses like Certificate Course in Computers, Diploma in Computer Applications, Advanced Diploma in Computer Science, Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science, etc.

Machinery and Equipment

1. Computer system of Intel P-III (500 Mhz) CPU, 128 MB RAM, 20 GB hard disk drive, 1.44 MB floppy disk drive, CD ROM Drive, 64 bit PCI sound cord speaker system, internet card PS/2 Mouse 14" SVGA colour monitor with AGP cord PS/2 mouse, 8 MB VRAM 2 serial and 11 parallel ports, 104 computer key board modem

2. Computer system of Intel P-III (500 Mhz) CPU, 64 MB RAM, 8 GB hard disk drive, 1.44 MB floppy disk drive, CD ROM Drive, PS/2 mouse, SVGA colour monitor with AGP cord with AGP cord, 8 MB VRAM, 104 computer key

3. Uninterrupted power supply 1KVA

4.Overhead projector

5. Laserjet printer

6. Installation and electrification

7.Computer software (MS Office, Visual Basic, Studio, OOPS (C++), UNIX, Oracle, etc)

8. Computer furniture

Total Investment

It is site specific but the main elements making up the total investment are;

Working capital


Software faculty

Counselor cum clerk


Raw materials

Computer stationery bundles

Floppy diskettes box

Toner refilling toner

Other consumables


Power LS

2 Water


Other expenses

Postage & Stationery Expenses

Transportation Expenses

Advertisement Expenses

Repairs and maintenance

Insurance and taxes



Total working capital


Salaries and Wages

Raw Material


Other Expenses