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Dry Cell Battery Making Plant

1.  Product:-Dry cell batteries are mainly household and professional applicable products for use in providing energy for lamps, radios tape recorders, cassette players etc.  

2.  Rationale:-The product is handy and is used in urban and rural areas by each household.  In areas particularly of darkness the flashlights and in absence of electricity transistor radios and lamps use dry cell batteries.  They are demanded by large section of the population both in the rural and urban areas.  However, there is no a battery cell making plant in the region and it is important to have a dry cell battery making plant to serve the huge existing demand. 


3.  Market:-The demand for dry cell batteries is increasing as its one of the main basic items needed by the population.  Currently demand is met by small number from local production and imported in large quantity from abroad.  The demand has not been adequately met and there is a shortage in supply by local production.  It will be necessary to establish a dry cell battery making plant in the region. 


4.   Supply of Raw Material:-     The main raw materials are all imported.  They are:-

§         Manganese

§         Zinc

§         Carbon rod

§         Zinc plated bottom

§         Polyethylene cup

§         Nick plated cups


5.   Production Process and Technology

a)  Process: Dry cell battery manufacturing industry is essentially an industry based on assembly of constituent parts.  Most of the constituent parts are, for economic reasons, obtained from other manufacturers, product assembly envisaged involves basically the zinc pellet trimming, lining with electrolytic paper sizing and pressing into bobbins, assembly of the various components fittings of printed cylindrical metal jacket testing under open and closed circuit, coating with anticorrosive (polypropylene) film; packaging. 


         b)  Machinery and Equipment

§         Zinc can making equipment

§         Paper lining machine

§         Electrolytic solution (composed agent) making equipment

§         Assembling equipment

§         Seal injection press

§         Inspecting equipment

§         Packing machine

§         Others (conveyors, work tables ... etc) 

         All machinery and equipment, except tables are assumed imported.


6.   Estimated Investment: The total investment cost that includes building, machinery and equipment and working capital is estimated to be from Birr 5 million to Birr 10 million. 


7.  Location: The dry battery making plant location has to be in large towns like Combolcha.