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Electric Bulb Holders and Fluorescent Fixtures


  1. Product Description: Electric bulb holders and fluorescent fixtures are used as terminals for electrical connection to electrical bulbs and fluorescent lamps. The bulbs and the lamps are periodically replaced as they burn-out after their operating life is over. The bulb and lamp holders are fixed or suspended on ceilings, walls or any other supporting structure and provide terminals both for the lighting circuit and the lamps. The holders allow easy replacement of the lamps and bulbs by providing slots or screw type connections.


  1. Market Potential:  The demand for electrical fittings and accessories is heavily influenced by the expansion of electric power supply and building construction. During the last 10 years, these sectors have been expanded at average rate of more than five percent per year. Demand for electric bulb and a fluorescent holder in 2006 is estimated to reach about 200,000 pieces. This demand is projected to grow to about 260,000 in 2012. This indicated that there will be enough market to absorb the production of a plant which will produce electric bulb and fluorescent holders.


  1. Source of Raw material: The main raw materials or inputs for making electric bulb holders are steel sheets, thermoplastic granules, brass bars, paints, starters, ballast and electric wire. Almost all the inputs will be imported.


  1. Process and Technology: Basically there will be two lines of production one for producing fluorescent fixtures and the other for producing electric bulb holders. For the fluorescent fixtures, the light sheet metal is cut to size, punched and folded to the desired shape. The slots housing the lamp contact points are made from thermoplastic material on the injection moulding unit. Wiring terminals and the ballast are mounted in position. The inter connection of the ballast, the lamp and starter terminals to the terminal strip is done. The fixture is tested and padded for dispatch. On the second line of production, the brags components of the electric bulb holder are turned on the automatic lathe. Drilling and thread cutting are made.  The components are then degreased and are either embedded on the thermoplastic component during the forming of the bulb holder by injection moulding or assembled with it after the moulding process. Main machinery and equipment required include automatic lathe machine, injection moulding machine, power press, bench drilling machines, degreasing tanks, pneumatic screw drivers, centrifugal drier, compressed air system.


  1. Estimated Investment: For a plant which will produce 50,000 pieces of electric bulb holders and fluorescent lamp fixtures per year, the estimated investment will be:-
    • Building/shade – 300m2 at Birr 1500/m2 = Birr                             450,000
    • Machinery ……………………………………….. = Birr        1,900,000
    • Working capital ………………………………..      = Birr          500,000

Total                  = Birr  2,850,000


  1. Benefits: Similar to other projects.


  1. Location:  Bahir Dar, Combolcha.