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Electric Bulbs Making Plant

1.      Product Description: Electric bulbs are devices for producing a steady light while connected to an electric flow. . They are essentially used as daily necessities for providing light in houses, offices, factories, streets, commercial buildings, schools, libraries, etc. Among the various types of electric bulbs, this project idea is to manufacture general lighting service (GLS) lamps as they are the most dominant bulbs in the Ethiopian market.

      2.      Market Potential: The demand for electric bulbs depends on the expansion of electricity in the country. During the last 10 years, many urban areas are provided with electric power increasing the consumption of electric bulbs. Currently, there is a program to provide electric power to many rural areas in the country. In 2006, consumption of electric bulbs is estimated to be about 14.66 million; and this consumption is projected to grow to 18.71 million in 2011. With the expansion of electric power to rural areas, demand for electric bulbs could be larger than the projected figures.

      3.      Source of Raw materials:-  Raw materials or inputs to produce electric bulbs include flaring tube, exhausting tube, solid gas rod, glass shell, filament, lead in wires (electrodes), cap (aluminum), capping, cement, solder wire, argon gas, oxygen gas, and LPG gas. Most of these raw materials will be imported.  

      4.      Process and Technology: Manufacturing of electric bulbs passes through the following processing stages. Shell washing and drying; glass tubes and rod cutting; flaring; stem making; pig tailing with gas burner, mounting, guttering; sealing; exhausting; ageing; capping; soldering and testing. Main machinery and equipment required include flare machine, stem making machine, capping machine, glass preparation machine, mounting press, ageing machine, vacuum pump, air flower. 

      5.      Estimated Investment: For a plant that will produce 6 million electric bulb per year, the investment requirement will be:-  

    • Building/shade 400m2 at Br 1500/m2 =                Birr      600,000
    • Machinery ……………………………..…….  = Birr  1,600,000
    • Working capital ……………………..…….      = Birr     700,000

      Total             = Birr  2,900,000

      6.      Benefits:-  Similar to other projects.

      7.      Location:- Bahir Dar