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Electric Kettles & Egg Boilers Making

  1. Product Description: These are electrical household devices used to boil water for different purposes and also used as egg boilers. The devices are of two types (a) ring type and (b) sauce pan type. In ring type electric kettle, there is an container which is fitted with a tabular heating element fitted inside for heating the fluid. A spout is provided to the vessel to facilitate pouring out of the liquid. In sauce pan type electric little, the heating element is fitted in the base or the vessel and does not make contact with the fluid. The kettle is provided with a thermostat that automatically maintains the level of heating to the desired temperature. Egg boilers consist of aluminum container which is shopped in the form of an egg. Generally up to six eggs can be boiled at a time. Heating is provided by means of a mica plate.


  1. Market Potential: In a region where the natural vegetation is decimated by deforestation, the traditional source of fuel energy i.e. wood has become extremely scarce. Substituting wood by electricity and solar energy is the only option left to the Region to get its energy supplies, electric kettles and egg boilers are devices which use electric energy for preparing food thus conserving wood which could have been consumed for producing fuel. This electric device can be used in areas where there is electric power supply.

  1. About 350,000 families live in urban areas of the Amhara Region where there are electric power supplies. These families are the potential users of electric kettles and egg boilers. If we assume that about 26 percent of these families will purchase these devices, total initial demand will be 70,000. As income improves, as more people are aware about the benefits of these electrical devices and as electric power supply expands in the Region, the demand for electric kettles and egg boilers will also expand. Given this, establishing a plant which will produce electric kettles and egg boilers will be financially viable.


  1. Source of Raw Material: The main inputs or components are aluminum add steel sheets, thermostat, heating elements, non-mental handles, etc. These inputs will be imported.
  2. Process and Technology: Making electric kettles and egg boilers requires sample operations. It involves cutting metal sheets, welding, fixing heating elements and attaching accessories machine required are welding machines, drilling machine, shearing machine, press, hand tools, test and measuring instruments.


  1. Estimated Investment: For a plant that will produce 10,000 electric kettles and 3000 egg boilers, the estimated investment will be:


    • Building /shade 300m2 at 1500/m2                                          450,000
    • Machines                                                                               100,000
    • Working capital                                                                      100,000



  1. Benefits: Saves forest resources, foreign exchange and regional financial resources


  1. Location: Bahir Dar or any place preferred by the investor.