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Electrical Dividers and Other Accessories

1. Product Description:  these products are essential for the proper and economic utilization of electric energy in the provision of light, heat and power for homes, factories, offices, hospitals, shops, transport facilities, etc.  Basically the products are made of electric conductive and non-conductive materials such as copper and hard plastic.


2. Rationale: The generation, transmission and distribution of electric energy has been increasing in the country during the last 25 years.  Today more than 1.5 million homes are supplied with electric city.  But all electrical accessories are all imported.  Some of the accessories do not need sophisticated technology and heavy investment to produce.  With modest investment, it is possible to produce the electrical accessories mentioned above.  The Amhara Region can have advantages if a plant to produce electrical accessories is established in the Region.


3.  Market Potential: All electrical accessories which the whole country uses are imported.  One can imagine the size of the market for switches, sockets, plugs, dividers, etc by visualizing all the homes, factories, offices, shops, etc of the country.  There is enough markets for at least three or four medium size plants.  Even though the plants are to be established in the Amhara Region, the market area will be the whole country.

4.  Source of Raw Material: The main raw materials which are hard plastic and copper (prepared in a form sheets) will be imported in bulk and the parts are to be fabricated in the factory.


5.  Production Process & Technology: The manufacturing process can be divided into three stages:- a) manufacture of metal parts, b) manufacture of plastic parts and c) assembly of the two sets of parts.  The metal items include screws, pins, terminals, flaps and springs.  The manufacture of the plastic parts and assembling of the fittings is done in two steps- compression molding of phenol formaldehyde resin and insertion of pins at their proper places.  For the metal and plastic manufacturing about 13 different types of machines are required.

6.  Estimated Investment: The plant needs a minimum of 500 m2 building size which will include services and offices.  Total Investment for building, plant and machinery will be Birr 1.5 million.


7.  Benefits:  if the plant becomes the first in the country, the Region will gain financial resources from other Regions by exporting the products.  It will also save foreign exchange of the country and introduce new skills and technology to the Region.


8.  Location:  Bahir Dar or Combolocah.