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Ultra Violet Fly Repellant


  1. Product Description: Ultra violet fly (insect) repellant is a device which operates with a principle of attracting the flying insects with an ultra violet light and killing them with electric shock. Photo positive flying insects which are attracted with ultra violet light source can be flies, mosquitoes, moths, etc. These insects cause annoyance, contamination and diseases. They can not be cleared or controlled by the conventional method of chemical spraying as the poisonous chemical would contaminate the food or medicine and pollute the atmosphere.


The device is provided with a grid made of steel wire rods which is electrified at 3000 by means of which the insects are electrocuted when they come in contact with the system. The dead insects are collected in try at the bottom of the machine. The device can be made in different sizes and models. Ultra violet fly repellant can be used in hotels, restaurants, food shapes and factories, pastries and in any place where food, drinks and medicine are stored or distributed.


  1. Market Potential: Go in to any hotel, restaurants, pastry coffee shop and butcheries in the small and even large urban centers in the country in most cases you will find swarms of flies hovering in the ceilings and walls and sitting in all places on the floors. It is very unpleasant scene for customers. Customers complain about the lack of neatness of the hotels, restaurants coffee ships, etc, and owners are frustrated about their insects. Installing ultra violet fly repellants in one sure method of getting rid of these insects. In the Amhara region, there are thousands of small hotels, restaurants, pastries, coffee ships, beer houses, etc which have serious problems with flies and other insects. The presence of ultra violet fly repellants will improve the hygienic standard of these places by killing of the flies and other insects. Thus, this device will have captive market in the Amhara region and also in other regions of the country. In fact considering   the health hazard that flies pose to the consumers, installing ultra violet fly repellant in every restaurant, hotel, pastry, coffee shop butchery, etc, must be obligatory by public health authorities. This will insure the demand for the device.


  1. Source of Raw Material: The main inputs for making ultra violet fly repellant are mild steel sheet, mild steel rod, weld mesh, wire ropes, chalk, H.T. transformer, electrical component, UV tube and other miner components. Most of these inputs will be imported.


  1. Process and Technology: The manufacturing process includes fabricating a sheet metal structure for housing and supporting the various electrical components. The structure is then painted a special grid is also fabricated from steel wire rods and nickel. A protective guard made from weld mesh is provided to prevent accidental contact with the grid. Various electrical components like transformer, ballasts, switches, fuses, etc are attached to the structure and the wired. Finally the product is inspected and dusted. Plant and machinery needed include power shearing machine, press brake, hacksaw machine, spot welding machine, manually operated press, are welding machine, bench grinder, special tools and dies and others assorted tools and implements.


  1. Estimated Investment: For a plant which can produce 3000 units per year the estimated investment will be:
    • Building /shade                        Birr      400,000
    • Machinery                                          800,000
    • Working capital                                  400,000



  1. Benefits: Presents consumers from consuming contaminated food or drinks, improves the hygienic standard of catering enterprises in the region.


  1. Location:   Bahir Dar, Combolcha or any other urban center in the region.