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Baby meal

  1. Product Description: Baby or infant food is a supplementary food prepared for children below the age of two. The main ingredients in the preparation of infant food are pulses, soybeans, milk, potato, corn and fruits. The mixture of these ingredients is kept in such a way to fulfill the nutrition requirements of infants. Carbohydrates and proteins are the major nutrient elements. Sweetness, palatability and tenderness are the basic requirements for infant food. Infant food is served diluted in water and boiled to form a stew or soup. It is also served as batter for spoon feeding. The main objective of preparing baby food is to give the necessary nutrition to infants in addition to their mother milk so that the babies are healthy and fit both physically and mentally.


  1. Rationale:  In mid 2006, there were 3.2 million children between the age of 0-4 years in the Amhara Region. These children constitute about 17 percent of the population of the Region. Supplementary food for children in the Amhara Region is needed for 3.2 million children. But there is no a single plant or factory in the Region which prepares baby food even though the ingredients for making such food is available in the Region. Given the low level of standard of living of the people in the Region, supplementary food for children is greatly needed. Providing this food for children on regular basis will compensate the nutrition deficiency the children experience due to inadequate breast feeding or insufficient and unbalanced supply of diet to the children. Children who are not provided with adequate nutrition during their formative years will be stunted physically and mentally. This will have serious and negative consequence on society at large. Studies have shown that a very large percentage of children in the Amhara Region do not get adequate diets and as a result have below standard weights in relation to their ages. The establishment of plants which will produce supplementary food could reduce the problem of inadequate diets that children face in the Region.


  1. Potential Market: As stated above, there are more than 3 million children in the Amhara Region. If we assume one child will need at least 0.25 kg. of supplementary food every day, annual requirement of one child will be 91 kg per year. Total yearly requirement for all the children of the Region will, therefore, be 273,000 tons. If we assume that only 25 percent of these children will be provided with supplementary food during the initial period, annual demand for the product will be 68250 tons. This will be more than sufficient to make a new plant financially viable.


  1. Source of Raw material: All the raw materials needed for preparing supplementary food will be obtained in the Region.


  1. Process and technology: Raw materials are purchased and stored in silos. They are first conveyed to respective separation and cleaned for external matter. Then they are weighed and processed in their individual machines. Beans and peas are roasted and milled. Others are scoured and milled. After milling, the processed materials are stored in their individual bins. Once all the ingredients are prepared, they are conveyed (according to the proportion of mix) to the mixer. At this stage, mixed fruit and dehydrated milk are added in the mixer. Finally they are led to the rotary distributor where the product is ready for packing or the finished product is stored in silos.


  1. Estimated Investment: For a plant which can produce about 30,000 tons per year, the estimated investment will be as follows.

   Building …………… Birr      =    3,000,000

   Plant & machinery...   Birr      =    9,900,000

   Working capital …..    Birr      =     4,800,000

Total    Birr      =     17,700,000


  1. Benefits: Improves the physical and mental well-being of children in the region, makes the foundation for having a healthy population which is a source of a productive labor force, stimulates agriculture production and increases the income of farmers, introduces new skills and technology.


  1. Location: Bahir Dar, Combolcha, Gonder, Debre markos