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Baking powder

  1. Product Description: Baking powder is a mixture of sodium bicarbonate, one or more arid ingredients and an inert ingredient which serves to keep the reactive components physically separated and which minimizes premature reaction in the dry mixture. The inert ingredient is usually starch dried to 5-7% moisture. calcium carbonate are sometimes used instead of starch.
  1. Market Potential: The domestic requirement of backing powder is met through imports. Between 1984 and 1994, average annual import of baking powder was about 650 tons. Projected demand for the product for 2008 will be about 120 tons; and this will increase primarily do to population increase and a change in dietary patter from “enjera” to bread. To meet it share of baking powder need, the Amhara Region should establish its own baking powder making factory.


  1. Source of raw Material: The main inputs are sodium acid pyro-phosphate, sodium bicarbonate and starch.


  1. Process and Technology: Maxing of various components by adding proportionate input from each component, granulating the mixed components. Main machinery and equipment needed include sifter, micro pulverizer, mixer, electrically operated oven, weighing machine, bag sealing machine, etc.  


  1. Estimated Investment: capacity 60 tone/year

§    Buildings                                             500,000

§    Machinery                                           200,000

§    W. capital                                            100,000



  1. Benefits: Saves foreign exchange and regional financial resources. 


  1. location: Any urban center to be preferred by the investor