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Biscuits are baked food items with greater nutritive value, due to some additives, than plain bread of equal weight.  Biscuits are normally classified into three broad categories hard biscuits, soft biscuits and batter biscuits.  "Hard Biscuits'' particularly cookies and crackers are selected to be produced in the manufacturing plant.

2.Rationale: Demand for biscuits is increasing with the growing urbanization, rising income and the associated change in the pattern of food consumption.  Biscuits particularly cookies are bought by urban dwellers during holidays, birthdays and other occasions.  Much of the biscuits---- being consumed in the Region is either imported or brought from Addis Ababa.  There is need to make the Region self sufficient in the production of these food items.  

 3.Market: During the last few years, a number of biscuit factories  have been established in the country.  According to CSA, average annual production of biscuits between 2000 and 2004 was 9,263 tons.  Most of the production takes place in Addis Ababa.  Having around 26 percent of the country’s population, the Amhara Region consumes a substantial portion of the biscuits production.  The growing demand for biscuits can absorb the production of a medium size biscuits, cookies and crackers making factory.

 4.Source of Raw Material: The major raw materials of hard biscuits and cookies are wheat flour sugar and other ingredient, which are available in domestic market. 

 5.The Production Process: The process of hard biscuits, cookies making involves the pre-mixing of ingredients other than flour into a cream, dough making (flour with the pre-mixed cream) laminating stamping or punching (that is shaping and cutting) baking, cooling, stacking and packing.


 6.Production Technology:

Required machinery and equipment are:

Cream mixer

Dough mixing machine

Laminating machine

Stamping (shaping/cutting) machine


Cooling equipment


Packing (work) table

Except the worktables all are assumed to be imported. 

 7.Estimated Investment: The total investment of biscuit/cookies making plant will be Birr 750,000 including building and working capital.

 8.Location: Combolcha.