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Fruit and veg

  1. Product Description: Fruits and vegetables are generally perishable goods. Without proper preservation, they are often spoiled due to microbial degradation or enzymatic reaction.  Preservation techniques aim at complete or partial destruction or elimination of microbial agents (mold, yeast, bacteria’s) or by inhibiting their growth and activity.  Through preservation, it is possible to store, transport and distribute fruits and vegetables without changing their basic natural content.


  1. Rationale: In recent years, a culture of growing and producing fruits and vegetables for commercial purpose has been developing in the Amhara Region, especially in communities close to urban centers.  Unfortunately, in some season of the year, a lot of fruits and vegetables is harvested which the market can not absorb.  As a result, farmers are forced to sell their produce at very low prices, and this discourages farmers from producing these crops.  In other seasons, the very crops which were in large supply one or two months before are not available in the market.  One main cause of this fluctuation in the supply of fruits and vegetable is the lack of preservation system for these produces.  Through the problem of perishability of fruits and vegetable can not be eliminated completely, using different methods of preservation will help both the producers (farmers) and the consumers.  Hence, the need of promoting such type of a plant is obvious.


  1. Market Potential: Except some traditional and crude methods of preservation, the whole Amhara Region does not have any single plant which is engaged in the preservation of fruits and vegetables through drying, canning and other techniques of preservation.  The volume of fruits and vegetables that are sold at “throw- away prices” and are left to rot in some localities in the Region could justify the establishment of a plant which will be engaged in the preservation of fruits and vegetables.


  1. Source of Raw Material:  Production of fruits and vegetables is more prominent in areas around Bahir Dar, along Bahir Dar-Woreta road, around Gondar, near Dessie and Combolcha.


  1. Production Process & Technology:  There are several methods of preserving fruits and vegetables from spoilage.  These include heat treatment, dehydration, salting, pickling, preserving with sugar and chemical freezing and sterilization by electric or ultraviolet.  This project idea deals with the drying and canning forms of preservation.  The process of preserving fruits and vegetables through drying involves cleaning and washing, peeling, drying and packing.  There are different equipments used for the drying of fruits and vegetables depending upon the type of the product.  The most common ones are cabinet dryer, tray dryer, horizontal dryer.


Canning is a preserving method in which food products are kept in a hermetically sealed container and given a heat treatment to kill all the micro organisms, so as to increase the shelf-life of the product.  Canning of food consists of the following steps.  Preparation of fruits and vegetables for canning includes washing, peeling, coring and trimming, slicing and blanching.  Canning includes can filling, exhausting, sealing, processing and cooling.  Plant and machinery include peeling, slicing, pricking machines, tanks, boiler, weigh scale and other accessories.


  1. Estimated Investment: 400 m2 size building at Birr 200/m2= 800,000; Plant and

    Machinery Birr 1,000,000


  1. Benefits: Solves farmers perennial problem, increase income of farmers, introduces new technology and skill, enhance the development of fruits and vegetables in the Region.


Location: Bahir Dar, Combolcha, Gondar.