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  1. Product Description: Honey is a product obtained from beehives.  It is used to sweeten and flavor foods at home and in food industries.  It is also used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.  In our country honey is made into a popular local drink-tej.  Processed honey is strained (extracted) honey after raw honey undergoes a serious of filtration and purification processes.


  1. Rationale: Honey is one of the agricultural products which the Amhara Region exports to other regions of the country and to foreign markets.  It the system of apiculture is improved honey production in the Region will substantially increase.  In 2005/2006, of the 4.012 beehives found in Ethiopia, 0.8 million (about 20 percent) were in the Amhara Region.  Production of honey during the year was about 41.58 million kg.  Of this, more than 90 percent is exported from the Region.  Currently it is raw honey that is exported from the Region.  Processing honey within the Region and exporting it will not only add to its value and bring more income but will also create additional employment in the Region.  This will further expand the apiculture sectors of the Region’s agricultural economy.


  1. Market Potential: The existing foreign and domestic market of raw honey will be replaced by the strained or processed honey.  With the supply of a product whose quality is enhanced through further processing, the market for honey will expand both at home and abroad.


  1. Source of Raw Material: Raw honey will be collected from the surrounding rural areas where the processing plants are to be located.


  1. Process & Technology: Honey processing mainly involves passing of the raw honey through a series of filters in order to remove solid particles.  After removing the crystals, it must be packed in a sealed container.  A moderate heating system (solar one) could be useful to make the raw honey melt.  Main plant and machinery include honey extractors, filter equipment, packing machine and seals. 
  1. Estimated Investment: For a plant which will process about 200 ton of raw honey, the investment requirement will be:


    • Building m2 at Br. 2500/m2   =    Br 750,000
    • Plant and machinery               =    Br 350,000
    • Working Capital                      =    Br 100,000

                                                    Total         1,200,000  


  1. Benefits: More added values to a regional product, more income to farmers and product, more income to farmers and processors, more foreign exchange, more financial flow to the region, stimulates apiculture activities…


Location: Debre Markos, Koso Ber, Debre Tabor, Gondar, Woldiya, Debre Birhan