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Iodized salt

1.Product Description:- Iodized salt is edible salt where iodine is added. The addition of iodine to edible salt is essential to avoid goiter and other related health problem.
2.Market Potential:- The necessity of salt to humans is too obvious to tell. It is one of the essential food flavoring ingredient which is added to almost all types of foods. However, iodine has to be added to salt to make the salt safer for human consumption. Hence the use of iodine as an additive element to salt is as necessary as salt itself. In other words, salt must be iodized to make it more useful as a basic consumption item. During the last 10-15 years, iodization of salt was not as common as it was during the previous decades. It has been reported in state and private newspapers that the salt we consume is not iodized. This has increased the number of people with goiters in many parts of the country. The Amhara Region suffers the most by the lack of iodized salt because almost all the salt that is consumed by the people of the Region is not iodized. The consequence of consuming unionized salt is felt after duration of some years and this reduces the pressure on the relevant authorities to take action for providing iodized salt for the people. The question of market for iodized salt does not arise since the unionized salt is being consumed by the 20 million people of the Region.

3.Source of Raw Material:- The main source for the unionized salt will be the salt mines in the Afar National Region. For the Amhara Region the Sudan could be another source.
4.Process and Technology:- The process of adding iodine to salt is simple. It only requires the mizing of a certain amount of iodine to a specific quantity of salt and mizing the two. Main plant and machinery include silos for storing the unionized salt, mixing facilities and packing.

5.Estimated Investment:- For a plant that will produce about 170,000 tones per year, the investment outlay will be:-
§  Fixed capital                                          = Birr 5,500,000
§  Working Capital                                  = Birr 1,000,000
Total                            = Birr 6,5000,000
6.Benefits: Improves the health standard of the population.
7.Location: Close to the main source of the unprocessed salt Combolcha or Bahir Dar.