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Meat processing

1. Product Description: Meat from cattle can be processed into different food items like canned meat, beef-in-jelly, frozen meat, dried meat, etc. these meat items can be consumed locally or they can be exported.


2. Market potential: The level of consumption of processed meat depends on the level of economic development in a given country. Processed meat is usually consumed in urban areas where people do not have enough time or facilities to prepare fresh food. The product is mostly consumed by single women, men, students, members of the armed forces and other people living in camps. The advantage of consuming processed meat is that it saves time and it does not require the consumer to have different type of cooking utensils. Frozen meat is usually prepared for export market. The major consumers of processed meat in our country are members of the armed forces; and the supply of this food product has been coming from the meat processing factories located in Gondar, Combolcha and Dire Dawa. However, these factories have become very old and they need to be replaced by new and modern meat processing plants. These new plants could produce canned meat and frozen meat both for the domestic and foreign markets.


The Amhara Region has more than one third of the livestock population of the country. With this resource base, a meat processing plant can be, established in the region to supply processed and frozen meat to the local and foreign markets.


3. Source of Raw Material: Cattle growing areas of the region


4. Process and Technology: The first stage of the meat processing operation is the slaughtering of the cattle, skinning the carcass, separating the different parts of the body. At this stage the operation will have two major branches – one branch for further processing of the meat and another branch for freezing the meat. In further processing, the meat is cooked, mixed with vegetable (it necessary), oil, salt and other ingredients and finally conned.  


5. Estimated Investment: For plant which can process bout 12,000,000 heads of cattle per year, the estimated investment will be:


§  Building 200 m2 at Birr 2000/m2           = Birr 2,000,000

§  Machinery                                           = Birr  8,000,000

§  Working Capital                                  = Birr  2,000,000

Total                = Birr  12,000,000


6. Benefits: Earns foreign exchange, stimulates livestock production, increases the income of cattle growers


7. Location: Gondar, Combolcha, Bahir Dar