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  1. Product Description: Pasta and macaroni are convenient food items and are main dishes in many households and of restaurants in almost towns of the region.  The products are processed from wheat flour. 


  1. Rationale: The production of pasta and macaroni will supplement the food consumption pattern of the population in addition to the traditional dishes. The products are relatively not expensive and are popular in urban areas.   They can easily be prepared and are not time consuming which make them preferable by many town dwellers.  The demand for pasta and macaroni is increasing in relation to the growing urban population.  As the demand for these food items increases, there must be a plant which will produce these items in the Region.


  1. Market Potential: The increase of the population and urbanization in the region will create demand for large amount of food items.  As pasta and macaroni products are preferred by many town dwellers there is an existing and potential demand for these products.  Presently pasta and macaroni products are imported from other regions particularly from Addis Ababa. 


  1. Source of the Raw Material: A pasta and macaroni plant would easily get the required raw material input from flour mills located in the region or the flour can be imported from other parts of the country. 


  1. Production Process: The processing of pasta and macaroni products involves cleaning of the wheat flour, mechanically kneading and homogenization, processing or extruding (shaping) through round (for short pasta like macaroni) or rectangular dies (for long pasta like spaghetti) drying and packing.  



  1. Production Technology:

The main productive machinery and equipment are: Kneader and homogenizer

Extruder or press

Cutters (for long and short pasta)

Driers ("                     "            )

Moulds ("                  "             )

Conveyor rods and canes (for long pasta)

All machinery and equipment are imported item.


  1. Estimated Investment: For a plant which will produce about 5000 quintals per year, the estimated investment will be:

            -  Building 150 m2 at Birr 1500/m2= Birr 225,000

            -  Plant and machinery                        Birr 700,000

            -  Working capital                               Birr 200,000



  1. Location: The main market for pasta and macaroni is mainly in urban areas and the location of the production facility shall be in major towns of Bahr Dar, Gondar and Combolcha.