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Galvanized Iron Bath Tubs


  1. Production Description:  G.I bath tubas are household items used for washing clothes, utensil and for bathing. They are also used for storing things. Because of their durability, G.I. bath tubs are more preferred to similar tubs made from plastic. In most cases, the bath tubs are attached to a water supply line and are fixed in one place.


  1. Market potential: In the rural Amhara Region, washing and bathing are mostly done in rivers, streams, creeks and in places where there is water supply. It is only sick people and babies who take or are given bathing at home. In the urban Amhara Region, almost all the people take their baths and wash their clothes at home. It is mainly in the urban areas where there is a need of using bath tubs. So which supply galvanized iron bath tubs? Similar products made from old drums and manually produced in cottage industries are supplied to the market. But the quantities are too small and supply is sporadic to satisfy the market. In addition, the “raw material” (old drums) is in short supply. To produce this important household item in sufficient quantity in the Region, a modern plant needs to be established. If we assume at least 30 percent use galvanized iron bath tubs, product will be 120,000 at the initial stage. If this demand is years, a plant has to produce 30,000 unit per year to satisfy the initial demand. In course of time other families will start buying the bath tubs as families become more aware about the benefits of the products.
  2. Source of Raw Material: Galvanized iron sheet is the main raw material; and this will be imported.   


  1. Process and Technology: The metal sheets are cut to different sizes and shapes as required. Next shearing and rounding is done. The bottom is flanged and round. After this bottom Ring is made. Finally the parts are assembled and welding is done where necessary.


  1. Estimated Investment: For a plant that will produce 3600 bath tubs per year, the estimated investment will be:

    • Building /shade 150m2 at 1500/m2                                         225,000
    • Machines                                                                               100,000
    • Working capital                                                                      100,000



  1. Benefits: Improves personal hygiene  of consumers, saves regional financial resources,


  1. Location: Bahir Dar.