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Galvanized Iron Buckets


1.      Production Description: Buckets are made from galvanized iron (G.I.) sheets and they are used for carrying solid and liquid materials. In the construction industry, buckets are population for popular for moving mortar, water, sand, etc. from one spot to another. Buckets are durable and they are also used for pulling water from wells.

2.      Rationale: Plastic buckets are replacing metal buckets for carrying water for domestic purposes. But metal buckets are used for various types of activities especially in the construction and agricultural sectors. All metal buckets used in the Amhara region re bought from Addis Ababa. But since producing buckets is a simple process with modest investment, it is possible to make the Region self-sufficient by producing buckets in the Region. This is why this project idea is included in this study. 


3.      Market Potential: Construction is expanding in the region, household and farm use for buckets is increasing. If we assume that of the 3.7 million household of the Region at least a mere 5 percent have buckets, this will translate into a demand of 185,000 buckets. If another 25,000 is added for the construction and agricultural sectors, total demand could, reach 210,000. Hence, any plant which will produce within this demand range will be a viable plant.


4.      Raw Material: to be imported.


5.      Process & Technology: Toe produce buckets, the galvanized iron sheets are cut to different sizes as required and rolled into conical shape. A separate piece is cut from the sheet for the bottom and welded with the lower ends of the conical shaped part of the buckets. The handle is made of wire, which is bent and riveted to the sides of the bucket. Main machinery and  equipment include bucket body bending machine, treadle shearing machine, bar bending machine, bar cutting machine, bucket making machine and handle press.

6.      Estimated Investment: For a plant that will produce about 20,000 buckets per yer, the estimated investment will be:

§         Building 150 m2 at Birr 1500/m2                         225,000

§         Machinery & Equipment                              100,000

§         Working Capital                                            60,000



7.      Benefits: Contributes to the efficiency of the construction sector, eases the burden of some farm work and increases efficiency, saves regional financial resources, creates self- sufficiency.


8.      Location: Bahir Dar, Combolcha