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Hand Stapling Machine


  1. Product Description: This is a small machine which is used to staple sheets of paper. This is an alternative system for pinning up papers with alpines, etc. The machine is normally available in different shapes and sized depending upon the number of sheets to be stapled at a time. There are heavy duties, light duty, medium duty staplers. The staplers are mostly used in offices, schools, and in all places where there is paper work. In addition to papers, stapling machine is used for polythene and plastic bags.


  1. All the stapling machines big and small used in the country are imported. Every year, thousands of these machines are imported to satisfy the growing demand for the machines by the increasing volume of paper works undertaken by offices, schools, shops, and other business organizations. Separate data on imports of staple machines are not available as these data are included in the import figures of other office stationery products. However, considering the expansion of the social economic and administrative infrastructures of the country during the last 10 years, one can safely assume that there is sufficient demand for this stationery product that will absorb the production volume of one or two small plants which will produce hand staple machines.  


  1. Sources of raw materials: The main inputs for making hand staple machines are mild steel low carbon steel sheets or strips, spring wire, electroplating chemicals, etc. These inputs will be imported in bulk.


  1. Process and Technology: Manufacturing of hand staple machines requires blanking, bending or drawing, making tongue, springs and other parts, assemble and electroplating. In blanking, parts are cut from mild steel, low carbon steel plates on a hand operated power press Power or hand operated presses make use of dies for blanking operations. Next stage is bending which is carried out on hand or power operated press. Bent parts are taken to the assembly shop. Tongues are also manufactured by power presses. Springs and tubes are made separately. Maker's name, code and other information are printed on the parts while processing. All parts are taken to the assembly shop and are assembled together. The assembled stapler is now cleaned, after treatment with acid and other chemicals, etc; and the product is electroplated. Usually nickee and chrome plating is done. Finally the staplers are packed in polythene bags first and then in paper boxes.                                                                                                               


  1. Estimated Investment: For a plant which can produce 1000 hand stapling machine per day, the investment requirement will be:-

Ø      Building/shade 100m2 at 2000/m2        = Birr    200,000

Ø      Machinery ................................         = Birr    200,000

Ø      Working Capital ........................        = Birr    100,000

      Total ...     = Birr  500,000


  1. Benefits: Saves foreign exchange, contributes to self-sufficiency, has export potential to other parts of the country.


  1. Location: Bahir Dar, Combolcha.