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Insecticide Sprayers


  1. Product Description: To reduce to crops by insects, it is essential that they be sprayed with insecticide and pesticide if necessary. Insecticides are commonly available in two forms: in the form of a dry powder or as a liquid. For the dry power an insecticide duster is used. For certain applications however an insecticide sprayer is used in gardens and orchards. An insecticide sprayer basically consists of a cylindrical container fitted with a nozzle. A manually operated plunger is used to create a high pressure within the vessel which forces the insecticide out as a fine spray. To prevent the insecticide from reacting with the inside of the vessel, the container is made of galvanized brass or a plastic material.  


  1. Markets Potential: Insecticide sprayers are used for ant malaria campaign, for killing insects and other pests which damage corps. These instruments are used both for public health and for farming purposes. The safety of the people and crops are basic components for safeguarding the economic and social welfare of the population.


  1. Source of raw materials:  Metal sheets are the main inputs. These will be imported.


  1. Process and Technology: The metal sheets to be used to manufacture the cylinder are first cut to size with the help of a treadle guillotine shearing machine and are then made in to a cylindrical shape with the help of a roller. The gear assembly is made with the help of a milling machine. Machinery required roller sheet bending machine, top and bottom can shearing machine, side seaming machine, double pillar press and fly press.


  1. Estimated Investment: For a plant which can produce about 250 units per month, the investment requirement will be


Ÿ         Building / shade 120 m2 at Birr 200/m2   = 240,000

Ÿ         Machinery -----------------------------------  =  500,000

Ÿ         Working Capital                                         =   300,000

Total          = 1,040,000


  1. Benefits: Improves the health situations of the people, increases farm production due to reduced damage of crops by insects and pests.


  1. Location: Debre Birhan, Combolcha, Bahir Dar