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Metal Cabinets


1. Product Description:  Metal cabinets are used for storing important material such as documents, stationery, small tools, and food products.  Most metal cabinets have cup-board type shapes, and they are usually made from steel sheets with locking arrangement.


2.  Rationale:  With the decentralization of the state apparatus down to the Regions, zones and woredas, many offices have been opened in the Amhara Region.  With this development, the demands for office furniture and fixtures have been increasing.  Metal cabinets also known as filling cabinets are among those products whose demand has been increasing with decentralization.  One can visualize the number of filling cabinets installed in every office in the whole Amhara Region at the different levels of the regional government.  All these metal cabinets are either imported or bought from Addis Ababa.  Metal cabinets simply need metal sheet welding, joining, bending, fitting with locks and painting.  These are simple operations.  They can be done in the Amhara Region, and filling cabinets can be fabricated in the Region.


3.  Market Potential:  A small plant with a capacity of about 250 metal cabinets per year is a viable plant.  The minimum demand for metal cabinets in the Region is more than 250 units per year-probably 3 times this number.  If this is the case, the market for metal cabinets in the Region can justify the establishment of a plant that will fabricate/assemble metal cabinets.


4.  Source of Raw Material:  Like all other metal based products, inputs for this plant will also be imported.


5. Production Process & Technology:  Metal cabinets are made from steel sheets.  Steel sheets are cut in treadle shearing machine according to desired sizes.  They are then bent.  The bending operation is done in the press brake.  After this, they are drilled and welded.  When fabrication is completed, painting takes place and the product is “backed in storing oven“.  Metal cabinets should have attractive finish.  The fabrication of sides, backs, doors, etc. should be such that there is minimum gap between joints. Up to ten types of machinery and equipment are needed for fabricating metal cabinets, some of which are hand operated press brake treadle shearing machine, hand shearing machine, gas welding equipment, portable spot welding, double ended bench grinder, spray painting equipment, portable electric drilling machine, stoving oven …


6.  Estimated Investment:   For a plant which will produce about 250 metal cabinets per year, investment will be:


§         Building 300m2 at Br. 1500/m2  =  Br. 450,000

§         Plant and machinery                     = Br.  150,000

§         Working Capital                            = Br.   60,000


7. Benefits:  Self-sufficiency, saving of regional financial resources, new skilled and technology,

8.  Location:  Bahir Dar, Combolcha