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Mouse Trap


1.      Product Description: Mouse trap is a metallic device designed and produced to trap and kill mice; and it is a very useful gadget both in urban and rural areas. The device is made of metallic sheet, metallic wire and metallic coil or spring. In many areas, rodents destroy crops on farms and in barns and this reduce crop production especially the production of cereals. Some studies estimate that the loss of crops due to rodents to be about 20 percent of harvest.


2.      Market Potential: All the demand for mouse trap is net by imports. Annual imports of this device are estimated to be in the range of 200,000-250,000. There is domestic know-how to produce this useful device. But this product has been imported since it was known to the Ethiopian market. Production of mouse trap is not subject to the conditions of economies of scale; since it does not require large investment for big machinery and equipment. The existing market for mouse trap can make a mouse-trap making plant a viable venture.

3.      Raw Material: The metal sheet, wire and spring will be imported.


4.      Process and Technology: The process of making mouse trap is relatively simple. The metal sheet is cut and bended according to a specific design. The wire and the spring are attached to the metal sheet frame. The spring could be made in the plant or it can buy from a supplier. Main machines include shearing machine, coil winding machine, welding machine, and accessories.

5.      Estimated Investment: Total investment will be about Birr 350,000.


6.      Benefits: Saves foreign exchange and regional financial resources, saves crops form being destroyed and/or consumed by rodents, and introduces new skills and technology.


7.      Location: Combolcha, Bahir Dar or any location where the investor prefers.