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Razor Blade


1. Product: Razor blades are essential items used by household and barber shops.  They are used mainly for shaving and cutting of threads.  Production refers to ordinary type of razor blade. 


2. Rational: Practically all urban and many rural men shaves frequently and use ordinary blades for shaving.  The rural population also considers razor blades as very important tools for use in cutting threads and other materials.  Presently there is no razor blade making plant in the region. 


3. Market: Demand for razor blades grows particularly with growth of urban population.  Current demand in the country is meet entirely from imports.  Large quantity of imported razor blade could not satisfy the demand.  It is important to have a razor blade making factory to tackle the demand in the whole country lit alone in the Amhara Region. 


4. Source of Raw Material: The main raw materials for making razor blade are imported.

-         Stainless steel

-         Printing ink

-         Chemicals

-         Waxed paper

-         Printed label

-         Packing material

o       Small cartons

o       Large carton boxes


5. Production Process and Technology:  

(a)   Process: Razor blade making process involves basically the following, punching of basic material for holes and corners, degreasing, hardening, tempering, lacquering, stamping (of brand prints) grinding and honing, polishing, coating, drying and packing. 


b)    Production Equipment

-         Punch press automatic

-         Hardening and tempering furnace (electric)

-         Off and on reeling machines

-         Printing machine (automatic)

-         Lacquering machine

-         Braking machine

-         Grinding and honing machine

-         Strapping machine

-         Spray booth

-         Wrapping machine

-         Other (Tungsten carbide tools, accessories, work tables)

All the major machining and equipment are assumed imported. 


6.  Estimated Investment: The estimated investment cost including building, machinery and equipment and working capital is Birr 5,000,000. 


7.  Location:  The location of razor blade making has to be in major town like Bahrdar to serve the demand of the region.