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Screw Drivers


1. Product Description: a screw driver is a long metallic rod; one end flattened and shaped to form a sharp edge, while the other end is fixed with wooden or hard plastic handle for proper handling and gripping while in use.  The purpose of a screws driver is to tighten or loosen screws.  Screw drivers are extensively used in maintenance and engineering works.  Some screw drivers have their ends magnetized so as to bring out screws by the attraction of the magnet from deep holes or cavities, while others have “plus” ends for screwing or unscrewing special type of “plus” screws.  The length of screw drivers may range from 3 inches to 24 inches and having diameters accordingly.


2. Rationale: If not welded, riveted or made from one piece, parts and components of any product are screwed together.  In other words, they are joined together and held tight by screws for which screw drivers are used to tighten.  And if parts are to be dismantled say for repair and maintenance works, screw drivers are used to loosen screws.  In urban areas, there are at least one or two screw drivers in practically every home, shop and stores.  However, most of the screw divers like other hand tools are imported.  The Akakie Spare Parts Factory used to produce some type of screw drivers, but they are not visible in shops, stores and other marketing outlets.  This indicates that domestic supply is either too small or the products are not well accepted by consumers.  On the other hand imported screw drivers are found in large quantities in building materials and mechanical products stores.  There is no question about the need of producing screw drivers in the country; and the Amhara Region will take the critical role of introducing this project to potential investors and promoting the project for its realization.


3. Market Potentials: When one considers (a) the importance of screw drivers in maintenance and engineering works (b) the number of screw drivers being imported every year and (c) the potential of demand growth in the future, he can only conclude that there is more than sufficient market for the product.


4. Source of Raw Material:  the steel rod from which screw drivers are made of will be either imported or obtained from the Akakie Spare Parts Factory.


5. Process and Technology:  Special hand steel rods are required to manufacture screw drivers.  The process follows the following sequence.  Cutting the steel rod to the required size; cutting is done either on power hexa or power shearing machine.  It can be done also in power press.  Grinding- this operation is done on center less grinding machine to obtain uniform and good surfaces.  The tip is also ground to taper to form screw end.  Heat treatment- after the screw bar is made it is heat treated to obtain a hardness.  Fixing handle either wooden or plastic handles are prepared and fixed to the metal part.  Main machinery and equipment include friction screw press, oil fired furnace, quenching tank, center less grinding machine, drilling machine, Rockwell hardness tester.


6. Estimated Investment: For a plant that will produce 16,000 pieces a month, the investment requirement will be as follows:

§         Building 200m2 at Birr 1500/m2   = Birr 300,000

§         Plant and Machinery                     = Birr 141,000

§         Working Capital                            = Birr  88,000

                                                                                   = Birr 529,000


7.  Benefits:  contributes to the development of the hand tools industry of the Region, saves foreign exchange and regional financial resources, and introduces new skills and technology, possibility of export to other regions.


8.  Location: Bahir Dar, Combolcha.