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Snap Fasteners


1. Product Description:  Snap fasteners are used in many different garments of men, women and children, and are popular because they are convenient to use.  They are basically push-buttons which can be fastened by simply processing the two parts together; and to disengage the two parts, only a slight pull can only be applied.  Snap fasteners consist of two basic parts the “male” part which has a small knob protruding from it and the “female” part which has a corresponding hole and has two miniature clips on either side of the whole which help to hold on to the knob of the “male’ part once it is pressed into it.


2.  Rationale:  This is a product used by every body especially women and girls.  It is not only used for holding different pieces of shirt, dress, skirt… together, it is also used because it looks more appealing than ordinary buttons. Women have different uses for this product.  So far it is not being produced in the country.  The whole consumption of this product is based on imports.  The Amhara Region can promote the production of the item for regional consumption and for selling it in other parts of the country.


3.  Market Potential:  Since there is no any entity which produces this product in the country and quite a substantial quantity is imported there is a captive market for the production volume of a plant which will produce snap fasteners.


4.  Sources of Raw Material:  Snap fasteners are made from sheet brass and coated with nickel.


5.  Process and Technology:  Both parts of a snap fastener are cut from thin metal sheets, pressed to make the desired shapes in the two parts and pierced to make holes.  Main machinery includes automatic spring insert machine, dies for “male” and “female” parts, tumbler for polishing, nickel plating equipment and aluminum and brass basket for pickling.

6.  Estimated Investment:  For a plant that will produce 2,500,000 pairs of snap fasteners, estimated investment will be:

§         Building 200m2 at Br. 1500/m2 Br. 300,000

§         Machinery                                   Br. 150,000

§         Working Capital                          Br.   50,000

                     Br.  500,000 


 7. Benefits:  Saves foreign exchange and regional financial resources, introduces New skill and technology, prossibility of export to other parts of the country.


8.  Location:  Combolcha, Bahir Dar, Debre Berhan or  Gondar