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Stapler & Puncher


1. Product: Stapler and punchers are essential stationery items for use in offices, printing presses activity areas.  They vary in type/size according to purpose they are put to use.  The plant is to produce desk duty type products commonly used in offices. 


2. Rationale: New offices of the government and of the private sector are emerging in all areas of the region.  They demand office tools to their daily use like stationery items.  One of these are staplers and punchers.  They are imported and cost foreign currency to the nation.  There is no factory that produces a stapler and puncher in the region.  It is necessary to establish a plant that serves the demand.  


3. Market: The demand for stationery items like staplers and punchers is growing with growing socio economic activities.  Government offices in kebele, woreda, zone and region are established and their numbers is many.  The offices for private sector also increased with growth in investment and trade.  All this offices use paper to process their daily activities.  This has increased the demand for stationery items like stapler and puncher; demand for the product is currently met from imports. 


4. Source of Raw Material:-The main raw material for producing stapler and puncher are the following:

-         Cold railed steel sheets

-         Steel rods

-         Electroplating material

-         Other (rivets, springs, paints, plastic parts)

-         Packing material 

5. Production Process and Technology (a) Process Products making process basically involves the following:

-         Cutting or shearing (of cold rolled/mild steel sheet) to desire dimensions. 

-         Pressing or press blanking and forming

-         Degreasing (of metal sheets for staplers)

-         Machining /lathing, that is sizing and shaping of materials for punchers. 

-         Electroplating (staplers)

-         Assembling

-         Checking

-         Painting

-         Packing

         b)  Machinery and Equipment  

-         Shearing machine

-         Presses (power and fly)

-         Drilling machine

-         Riveting machine

-         Lathe

-         Compressor with spray painting equipment

-         Grinder

-         Degreasing tanks

-         Electroplating tanks.


6.  Estimated Investment: The total investment outlay that includes building machinery and equipment and working capital is estimated to be from birr 400,000 to Birr 600,000.


7.  Location: The location of stapler and puncher making plant has to be in the industrial town of Combolcha.