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Steel Vaults, Safes and Cash Boxes


  1. Product Description: Steel vaults, safes and cash boxes are security chests used by banks, shops, factories, and other bodies which handle money for keeping cash and other important or valuable items. Banks use only steel vault doors with masonry construction for the chamber.



  1. Market Potential: One can only imagine or visualize the number of money handling units (shops, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, tea houses, factories, offices, garages, homes, bars, etc.,) in the Amhara Region to realize the demand of vaults, safes and cash boxes. Even churches needs these safe – keeping products for keeping religious icons. Currently some safe boxes are made by some workshops in some urban areas of the Region. However, these are not of the required these are not of the required quality in terms of construction and locking system. There is a need for producing better quality of steel vaults, safes and cash boxes. These products are imported from Addis Ababa or from abroad and are brought to the Region; and the products are heavy to transport which makes them expensive. A capacity must be created in the Region to make it self-sufficient in the production of these items.
  1. Source of Raw Material: Main inputs are mild steel plates and these will be imported.

  1. Process and Production: Mild steel plates are cut into shape by a portable straight line oxygen gas cutting machine. The members of the frames of double walled doors are also cut by the same machine or gas cutting set. Different parts of the double walled doors are welded together. The door hinges and locks are fitted. In the same way the safes and cash boxes are fabricated. Finally the boxes are painted. Required machinery includes flexible shaft grinder, universal hand shear, double ended bench grinder, gas cutting and welding set, electric welding set, portable hand drill, hand press brake, spray painting unit, stoving chamfer and other fools.


  1. Estimated Investment: For a plant which will produce 72 vault doors (3”x 15/2") 240 safes and 600 cash boxes, the estimated investment will be:

Ÿ         Building/ shade 200 m2 at Br /500/m2          = 300,000

Ÿ         Machinery                                                     150,000

Ÿ         Working Capital                                             100,000



  1. Benefits: Promotes self – sufficiency, provides more security to valuable properties, saves financial resources


  1. Location:  Bahir Dar, Gondar, Combolcha, Debre Markos