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Water Filter Containers


1. Product Description: Water filter containers are component parts of domestic water filters used for treating water to make it free from undesirable impurities and harmful bacteria that may cause water borne diseases. The containers for the water filter can be made from locally available clay material (burnt clay containers) aluminum or stainless steel. As compared to other types of containers, stainless steel filter containers have much more popularity because they are more durable and attractive. Water filter containers are used together with water filter candles for treating drinking water.


1.         Rationale: In more developed countries where there is more awareness about health and other qualities of life, the use of water filters is an absolute necessity. Every household has at least one water filter apparatus for filtering drinking water. The apparatus is as essential as an oven which is used for cooking food. In least developed countries such as ours, where there are problems in the quality of water which comes from tapped and untapped sources and where the use of water filters is very scarce, millions of people suffer from water borne diseases. The irony about this problem is those water filters are simple apparatus which can easily be made by local craftsmen and which can be acquired by paying reasonable prices. The main obstacle is that the lack of awareness by the majority of rural people about the benefits of using water filters. However, with public campaign about the health benefits, people will be readily willing to use water filters. Hence, by recognizing the need of using water filters, the Region should promote and facilitate the establishment of a plant which will produce water filters.


2.         Market Potential: so far the main consumers of water filters are hospitals, laboratories and some high standard hotels and restaurants. Compared to the total population of the country, household purchase and use of water filters are extremely small. Consequently the quantities of water filter imported every year are relatively small. For example, between 1986 and 1996, average animal import of water filter was 1075 units; and the import has been increasing at an average rate of 14 percent per year. The projected demand for 2007 will be about 25000 units. This demand is more than the production capacity of medium scale plant which can be established in the Amhara Region whose share of projected demand will be close to 7000 units. The projection was made with the assumption that only 2 percent of urban households will use water filters. This is a very conservative assumption. Given the health benefits that water filters give to consumers, one could have assumed more than 2 percent which could have increased the projected demand.


3.         Source of Raw material:  The major raw materials are stainless steel sheet and polishing compound; and these will be imported.

4.         Process and Technology: The process of manufacturing water filter containers requires practical knowledge. Stainless steel circles are pressed in double action power press to the required size and shape. If the hard steel circles are used, they are first annealed, then pressed and finally spun on spinning lathe for proper shaping of the item. The containers are finally polished and dispatched to the market. Machinery required include deep drawing toggle type double action power press (200 tons) spinning lathe machine, swaging machine, back geared pillar drilling machine and bench polisher.


5.         Estimated Investment: For a plant that will produce around 12000 water filter containers per year, the estimated investment will be

       Building/shade :-  200m2 at Br 2000/m2  =    Birr    400,000

       Machinery …………………………………=    Birr    800,000

       Working capital …………………………….=    Birr    200,000

Total ………. =    Birr 1,400,000


6.         Benefits: Saves foreign exchange, contributes to the improvement of health standards of consumers, promotes self-sufficiency in industrial products, brings in financial resources to the Region through export of the product, and introduces new skills and technology.


7.         Location:  Combolcha, Bahir Dar, Debre Birhan